Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is it about making out in parking lots?

I ran across a blog post this morning that posed the question "why don't people make out any more once they have been married or in a committed relationship for a while?". That's easy. Because they don't make out in the parking lot. Duh.

And they probably don't make out in the parking lot because they probably don't go out on dates much any more. Sure, they may go to dinner or to see a movie or to some obligatory community event but they don't go out with the express purpose of flirting with each other, creating loads of sexual tension, and then leaving together so wound up that they can't wait to get home so they have to make out right there in the parking lot.

With familiarity comes comfort, which is great. But sometimes familiarity also comes with disinterest, or lack of effort. You just begin to take each other for granted, rely on the info you gained about likes/dislikes from the early make out days of your relationship, and coast along on auto pilot until you realize that you only kiss for a few brief moments out of obligation before you move on to the sex. Where's the fun in that?

One of the perks of being single is that I can make out at will with anyone I please. And I often do. Not because I'm searching for my soul mate, but because I like to make out. I will admit to keeping a low potential guy around way longer than I realistically should just for the simple fact that I like to make out with him. Selfish? Yes. Genius? Perhaps. I like to think it's a win/win situation for the both of us.

Take for instance the guy I've most recently been dating. We've been dating for about a month, which for me is kind of a long time, let's be honest. Now, I have my suspicions that things are going nowhere fast with this guy from a relationship perspective. He's a little older than me, runs a bunch of businesses, is a super big deal in his own mind, and really is not my ideal guy in a number of ways.

I should cut him loose right? Wrong.

Cutting him loose now would be like putting myself in make out time out for no good reason. That part is not broken so who am I to go trying to fix it? Our normal night out is to meet up late for drinks, talk and flirt for a while, get a little wound up over a few cocktails, and then completely maul each other like teenagers in the parking lot before parting ways for the evening or following each other to one of our houses to continue progressively making out for several hours. Yes, hours. It's ridiculous, but ridiculously good and neither of us wants to stop even though we both need to get up early to be responsible adults in the morning.

So what's the harm in that? Nothing that I can find except that I'm dragging ass the next morning because I like to get my full 8 hours of sleep at night and parking lot make outs cut into that drastically. Other than that, I think it's good clean fun.

Would it be just as hot if we were 2 years into a relationship and had done everything 100 times and have each other completely figured out already? Probably not. I don't think either of us would still be trying so hard at that point and the days of hot parking lot make outs would fade into the sunset. I doubt it will get to that point with us so for now I'm going to enjoy the newness of it and appreciate the fact that we both still have a lot to figure out about each other and look forward to doing so.

So what if all he ever is for me is a hot make out? That in and of itself is a valuable asset if you ask me. Not every guy has to be a potential long term match. Sometimes accepting what someone is vs. what they most likely aren't is a good thing.

How do those of you in the long term realm keep it hot with your significant other? Do you still make out in the parking lot? If not, why?? You're missing out!
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