Friday, January 31, 2014

"Soft-Core Friday" - I Can't Remember to Forget You

Boy, it's been a while since I've done a SCF post, but it's good to be back!

I feel like I'm finally getting back to being me and it feels pretty darn good. I'm back to the grind, back to the gym, and back to shenanigans...all is right with the world again. I'll take it! The end of the year sucked to put it mildly but as in all things, it's just a season and it too shall pass. It always does. Here's to getting on with getting on!

I've found a shiny new thing to keep me smiling. He's a good distraction and an even better...well, you know. Think Mark Wahlberg circa the Marky Mark/Calvin Klein underwear ad days and that's what I get to look at on a regular basis. Yes, please! I swear this guy is his doppelganger and I'm not complaining on little bit.

Nothing gets a girl back on her game faster than some first class shenanigans and a healthy dose of man candy. I may have some new scars but I've still got way too much self confidence to let that slow me down. And he doesn't seem to notice thanks to some tried and true distraction techniques.

Yep, I'm back!

And because I gave the girls a little something to look at today, I'll give the guys a hot video to take a gander at. These ladies enjoy themselves some wall action...and I'm not even joking. Happy SCF to all!


  1. I'm so glad you're back. You will be fine. And the scars build character -at least that's what I've been told. I wear mine proudly. Thanks for the song, I love it!

  2. Hey there! I haven't touched down here in a while and just thought whilst doing some tedious admin at work: "I wonder what my Random Girl is up to?" It's great that you're feeling like yourself again, admittedly I didn't know the tail end of 2013 wasn't good for you, I'll always love you but I completely suck as a friend!

    PS: You've inspired me to blog again...

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