Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Girl at The Indie Chicks - Random Girl Gets Boobs (Part 1)

Hey all! I have been a total slacker on the blog front as of late, both posting and reading, so I apologize for not pimping my good friends at The Indie Chicks sooner!

Those awesome ladies are letting me share my story about my boob adventure with their beautiful, kick ass readers. Go check it out!

Friday, May 17, 2013

"Soft-Core Friday" - Want to Snuggle? It's Gonna Cost You!

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" all! Hope you have been enjoying this upswing in temps and the hope that summer is coming fast.

I ran across this article and it really just couldn't be left alone in my opinion. A woman has decided to make herself available to fulfill people's longing for human touch, and make a buck in the process. She has dubbed herself as a "professional snuggler" and I'm left trying to decide if she's a genius or just lazy.

The long and short of it is, she has offered to be any guy's snuggle buddy for the low, low price of $60/hr or the bargain rate of $300 for an entire overnight of snuggling. She does clarify that it's snuggling ONLY and that clothes stay on and no kissing will be permitted. It doesn't say if she's hot or not so I'm not sure how popular her service is.

I guess if my day job doesn't work out, I can always go the snuggle route. Or I can use this as an excuse to reintroduce the wildly popular term "Snuggle Punch" and just smile about how ridiculous this is.

Personally, I prefer a body pillow. It doesn't snore, hog the covers, or get to grabby with me...most of the time!