Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So That's What Cleavage looks like!

Tis the season for baseball, outdoor concerts, and new boobs. Yes I said boobs. I went and got myself a pair yesterday so now I finally look like the woman I feel I am instead of the 12 year old boy that my chest would have had people believing I was. Yahoo for boobs!

Those of you that have hung around here at RG long enough know that my plan all along was to get boobs, but to make my next husband buy them for me as a wedding present. But I'm an impatient creature and decided that I would rather buy them for myself and get on enjoying them sooner rather than later. Maybe I'll just make my next husband pay to play. I'm sure he'd be OK with that. Assuming of course that there will be another husband. Now that I have my boobs, I might just decide to keep it just the two of us. We make quite the couple on our own!

Surgery went perfectly and I actually felt good right after and even better this morning. Minimal soreness, a little swelling, but overall, not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was in and out of the surgery center in less than 4 hours from check in to discharge. I love quality, efficient service! And my male nurse and anesthesiologist were both very easy on the eyes so it was a pretty pleasant experience all around.

I'm back to business as usual today with the help of an ibuprofen and half a percocet, although the percocet is more for recreational purposes than for pain at this point.

It will take a few weeks for everything to move into the perfect place as they are put under the muscle and tend to sit high for a little while to the muscle loosens up and there is a little room for them to maneuver from what the doctor says. In the meantime, I can deal with it!

Not my actual cleavage or size, but I thought it was a nice pic to share none the less. Who doesn't like good boobs?  Enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Soft-Core Friday" - There's an Ex-Boyfriend in my Guest Room

Happy SCF all!  It's Friday again. I like that.

This week had me in kind of a weird situation, so you know that I'm going to share with the class.

As you know, I called it quits with Twin in February. Since then, there has been long, drawn out silences, accusations, and a lot of me hurting his feelings even though I didn't want to. I think I had to break up with him like 5 times since then just to reinforce that yes, we are never, ever, ever, getting back together (thanks T Swizzle!).

Since then, we have made a little progress towards him being a little less angry towards me and the heartbreak is numbing out some. Him showing up on my doorstep last week completely unannounced didn't help that at first as my first inclination was to punch him for not respecting my time or space, but once that initial anger passed, we had a decent conversation and he left feeling better knowing that I felt a little bad for breaking up and hurting him.

We left it as we might be able to get back to being friends at some point but for now, I was going to remove myself from his situation for a while so he can get on with getting on. It kind of needs to be that way for both of us right now. We agreed.

And then he called me on Tuesday. And asked if he could stay at my place as a layover on his way to a not-so-close city. I reluctantly agreed. And made sure he clearly knew that he would be posted up in the guest room and my door would be closed.

He arrived, dropped his stuff in the guest room, and then we had a pseudo-awkward hour of TV watching and small talk before I went into my office to finish some work. When I finally went to bed, there was someone in it. He just wanted to relax and talk for a while, which we did, before I kicked him out and banished him back to the guest room. And locked my door.

He left early in the morning to get on with his trip. And then I got a call that night that, low and behold, he was tired and wanted another layover at my place. Again I agreed. Again he was banished to the guest room.

This time he decided he was going to make a plea for "one last night" of he and I being together. His request was denied. I explained to him my reasoning, that it would help either one of us separate and move on from our relationship if we played make believe and acted like we were still together, even for a night.

He pushed back a little, as I expected, but the answer was still no. I'm not easily swayed once I make my mind up. He knows this. And it annoys him.

He left without incident early the next morning and we were polite to each other. Just polite. No need to create confusion where there doesn't need to be any right?

I've often said that I'm the queen of detachment. It's just something that I've been able to do. When I make up my mind that I'm done with someone, I'm done. It's like I can turn off the emotional faucet and that's just that. He's not the same way. He has been dwelling on it, and dwelling is not good. It makes him crazy and then he wants to take me along for the ride. No thanks!

How do you handle break ups? Do you ponder and dwell? Do you just pack it up and move on? 

And of course, the song for today HAD to be this. Sorry!

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Soft-Core Friday" - The Dating Game

Congratulations, we've made it to yet another "Soft-Core"  Friday!  That is a win in my book!

I told you in a recent post that I was back in the dating game, whether I was excited about it or not, so I thought I would give you all a little update.

Out of the 4 dates I had in 5 days, I still have Bachelor #1 and Bachelor #2 in the rotation. Bachelor #3 turned out to be not only a stalker but a married stalker. I totally knew there was something off with that dude. Glad I shut it down when I did. Bachelor #4 has slipped into the abyss of foggy memories and forgotten names. I hope he's doing well. Actually I really don't care but that's besides the point.

I had date #2 with Bachelor #1 on Wednesday night. We had dinner at the place that Bachelor #4 and I had met at. Hey, what can I say? I like that restaurant! Date #2 was good. We went a little deeper, talking about his work, his upcoming vacation, his family, his work out and nutrition plan, his.... are you tracking here? We talked a lot...about him. At one point, I quit talking and just let him go. It was a minute before he came up for air.

I'm not holding it against him too much. I think he was just still nervous around me. And in his defense, he's kind of a goof ball so we laughed a lot too. I appreciate his sense of humor. And his sparkly blue eyes. He references his self-proclaimed awesome sexual skill set a little too much though. Makes me wonder if he really is over compensating for something. We haven't gotten any where near figuring that out yet nor do I plan to in the near future. Date #3 is pending for the weekend.

As for Bachelor #2, we have date #3 scheduled for tonight. This guy really interests me for some reason. There is nothing really outstanding about him from what I can tell, but he is a solid, normal guy and I'm actually really attracted to that aspect of him. He's a single parent, hard worker, good family guy that has a relatively functional life much like myself. I get where he is coming from and likewise, he can understand my situation as well. There is something comforting in that.

The one thing that remains to be seen is the chemistry aspect. We have great conversation and enjoy being together, but we haven't physically touched yet outside of a hug at the beginning and end of each date so you know that the suspense is killing me!!

I'm not one to normally slow play it on that side of things but it's been kind of fun to wonder how it will shake it. We'll see if we can move things along a little tonight. A good solid make-out against my car will tell about everything I need to know to get a feel for our chemistry potential. I'm hoping for the best, but am cautiously optimistic.

Either way, I've decided to just let things roll and see how and who plays out. Maybe this dating thing isn't so bad after all...

Friday, April 5, 2013

"Soft-Core Friday" - One Last Push

Happy SCF kids! I hope this week has been lovely for you. For those of you (us) that have had a kid or two home for Spring Break, extra big shots of tequila for you (us)!

I'm trying to remember where I even left off but it's all a little hazy so I'll just start here. I feel like I'm giving this single thing one last big final push and then I'm either A) going to settle into some sort of a relationship again or B) go full blown shenanigans only and forget even attempting to form any type of legit bond with a singular person.

I'm not sure which one I would prefer currently, but I think option A would be the healthier choice for me at this point.

Last week, I went on 4 dates in 5 days. I decided I'm not interested in pen pals or texting buddies and if we don't meet within like a week of initial contact, you are getting deleted and no further effort will be coming your direction. So it was about volume really.

Cranking through a pile of potentially OK guys to weed out the loser/stalker (which one was), who was less exciting than watching paint dry (which one was), who was strung a little tight but ended up fun with potential for future dates (which one was), and who was actually a normal, solid guy who seems to have his shit together and actually seems like someone who could be pseudo-bf material (which one was).

All in all, not a bad ratio as online dating goes. Bachelor #4 actually ended up being a friend of a friend, which I didn't find out until date 2. Upon further investigation via conversation with said mutual friend, he is a legitimate good guy with a solid career and no glaring personality flaws. I consider that a win! We have date #3 pending for early next week so you know I'll keep you posted.

In addition to my modified speed dating shenanigans, I have a couple of new business ventures cooking as well. There is the launch of Random Girl Clothing which is slowly but surely taking shape.

There is also the Elegant Princess Apron Collection which is quickly approaching the end of our Kickstarter launch deadline. Like in the next 24 hours!! It is totally within reach, but I NEED your help to get it there. If you haven't already, please go to our launch page and order yours for your little princess or your big girl princess...hey, we all want to be a princess even when we are grown up!

They are being offered at a great discounted price for the launch and I want to see this go big. I know it will. I know you all will help me make this happen because you are awesome and I LOVE you kids!

Thanks as always for your undying Random Girl support, be it shenanigans or business ventures, I know you guys will always show up for me!

Big Randy kisses to you all!