Friday, August 9, 2013

"Soft-Core Friday" - A little bit ridiculous, a whole lot of genius

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! It's been a while and I'm tired of talking about break ups, revelations, and my dad's chemo treatments so let's get back to a little bit o' fun shall we?

Ladies, how many times have you been somewhere, like an outdoor concert, camping trip, or just somewhere with way too many women and way too few bathrooms? Well, rest easy because there is a new product that will allow you to handle things like a man and get on with your business: the P EZ.

Yep, that's right. The new portable urinal designed specifically for the girl on the go...pun intended!

These babies are running in high demand, selling out Groupon offers and websites alike. There is seriously a need for this product and women who are sick of losing their awesome pit spot at concerts or having to pull over all the time on a road trip are snatching these things up like hotcakes! No more waiting in line for these girls!

Here's a link to a recent ABC News article about this genius little product. I know what all the girls on my Christmas list are getting this year. I'm sure they'll thank me for that.

And because it's Friday and I'm getting my country on tonight, I'm starting my day on the opposite end of the spectrum and getting some Jay-Z lovin' on. Enjoy Holy Grail by HOVA and JT. Feel free to brush the dirt off your shoulder enthusiastically at your desk. No one will mind.


  1. I'm loving the MC|HG album, which is crazy because I'm not a huge Jay-Z fan. Personally, I can pee standing, if I have to, but this would sure make things easier. Especially at festivals and whatnot.

  2. Holy shit! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I need one of these so bad and not even just because I'm pregnant.

  3. How did I NOT know about this??? I'm off in search of the P EZ!


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