Friday, August 31, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - It's ALMOST time!

Happy SCF kids! Excitement is in the air around these parts and I can assure you that it has nothing to do with the RNC (other than that it is over!), Clint Eastwood's  bizarre & awkward riveting conversation with an invisible Obama, or any other such nonsense. No kids, it has to do with only one thing.....the return of college football!

Last year I had a similar moment of happy as I realized it was the season of love and tight pants once again, but this year I am even more excited. It seems that it has taken far too long to get here.

Tomorrow my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes return to the field. The countdown clock is ticking, 1 day, 3 hours, 3 minutes and some change at last glance, not that I'm keeping track or anything...

Today was "College Colors" day at the Princess's school. They claim it's to help raise awareness of college opportunities. I say the district is just as excited about college football starting as I am and are using the kids an excuse to wear their gear to school. Either way, this is how the Princess is representing today.

Now it bears noting that baby daddy is not an OSU fan, in fact he quite despises them so he was very excited when I sent him this picture today. I'm guessing she'll be coming home from the weekend with him with some new team swag for his beloved...just a guess! 

That's part of the fun of this season though, the rivalries and the smack talking, the awesome wins and the crushing losses, the fact that you can yell and cheer and claim ownership of a team, any team, and totally feel like it really is yours. Be a fan! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm a button pusher

You know I can't just be satisfied being content so it makes perfect sense that when things appear to be going well with a guy, I would find a very large rock and throw that sucker as far and as hard as I could to disturb the glassy surface of calm waters.

My most recent antics? Well, there are several, but let's start with me not being able to fight the temptation to take a little looksie into Twin's phone recently. I was provoked though, I swear.

During a recent visit, he asked me if I would be weirded out if someone sent me something sweet in the mail when I hadn't given them my address. Like, specifically, if I had gone out with someone a time or two and then they sent me something in the mail. Would I think it was weird that they searched and found my address and took liberty to send me something. I said that it kind of would weird me out, but it's not like there's any privacy anymore anyways so I wouldn't be too afraid that I was being stalked.Weird question huh?

He then proceeds to tell me about a girl "that he had dated" that flipped out a little when he did such a thing once upon a time. I thought the timing of the question was odd so I was couldn't resist wanting to know more. So I did the one thing I hate doing or having done to me, and I looked at his text messages (I know, I know... no lecture needed, it's a total punk move). And low and behold, the fallout from this "girl he dated and thought was stalking her" situation was as recent as Mid-August, yes this August. Hmm, the plot thickens.

Of course, I couldn't and still can't let on that I know anything so I'm keeping my best poker face in play.

In addition to the mail episode, he mentioned that he had been on dating site to check out one of his friend's dates that she had said was a disaster. Innocent enough right? Maybe, maybe not. I decided to check it out for myself. And wouldn't you know it? After 12 hours of my profile being up, he had been on it. No message, just showed that he looked at my profile, multiple times. Probably wondering what the hell I was doing on another dating site. But his completed, active profile showed up none the less. That's 2 sites that he's actively on, that I know of. Interesting.

Of course, I'm going to totally ignore that as well. I'm not going to mention anything about it, me being on or me knowing he's on. I'm just going to go about my business and see how it plays out. You know I like a good mystery!

The odd thing is this guy is making plans for the future with me, we are spending tons of time together, and he is busy practicing my "love language" of acts of service on a regular basis. He talks a good game, plays the part to a "T", and seems genuine. He makes me have big emotional relationshipy talks and gives us both homework to do so we can discuss how to grow in our "relationship" on a regular basis. And yet, there's the not-so-boyfriend things going on above.

Makes a girl wonder exactly what she's gotten herself into...Theories anyone?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More words, More letters

I told you all how I was going to start writing letters. Real letters. Pen to paper and mailed with a stamp letters. And believe it or not, I actually did. And still am.

Since my first letter went out, I have sent several more. Not one a week as I originally was going to. Sometimes I'm just not feeling compelled in my heart to put words out. Some weeks, it's more than one.

It just depends. I am writing when I have something to say. Much like this little RG space. You get my words when I have something to say, but I won't force them or fake it. Just not my style!

One of my recent letters went to my best friend, who mid-vacation, found herself engaged to her most amazing boyfriend of over two years. This was definitely letter-worthy!

She and I have been through the worst together. Our marriages broke up within 2 months of each other and all the unpleasant things that come with such an occasion, such as uncovering affairs and fighting over children and stressing over money, were shared between us. It's a powerful way to bond. But so is celebrating the joys that come after. Sure, we had more than our fair share of shenanigans together in the in between times, but this latest news is truly to be celebrated.

So she got a letter. Based on nothing more than her text to me in the middle of the night that told me I was right, they were engaged (I had predicted just such a thing happening after seeing them together on a recent visit and warned her it was coming SOON!) I woke up that morning, read that text, and instantly had so many words to share with her, the letter came quickly and easily and off in the mail it went.

I think it's important to share your words not just in times of hardship and strife, but also in times of good news, new beginnings, and celebrations. If misery loves company, than a good party not only loves company, but it invites over often, makes up the spare room, and invites it stay for a good long while.

Do you have a celebration to share in? Congratulations to send to someone? Get our your pen and paper and get in on it!

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Finally, A Royal us commoners can relate to

Happy SCF Kids! This week was one for the scandal record books as far as the British Royal family is concerned. I appears, literally, that what happened in Vegas has now been seen around the world. I personally, would like to thank Prince Harry for showing us that he, like us, can get down and dirty in Vegas! He's truly a Prince after this Random Girl's heart!

In case you missed it, the young (and surprisingly well equipped) Prince was caught in photos prancing about in the nude with a few lovely ladies in his not so private suite on a recent trip to Vegas. Now while this incident has embarrassed and seemingly enraged the Royal Family, here's why I'm saying they should just chill on the whole matter a bit. It's not as if he killed someone for goodness sake.

The facts of the case as it goes now are pretty much this: the single and somewhat hot Prince Harry was enjoying himself in Vegas, he and his boys had some drinks and found some pretty girls who wanted to continue the party, they venture to his suite at the Encore hotel, and proceed to have a friendly game of strip pool.

That actually kind of seems like a mild excursion compared to what could have gone down in my Vegas experience. He just had the unfortunate luck of a) being a highly recognizable member of the Royal Family b) partying with chicks who happened to bring their smartphones along and c) having a cracker jack security detail that dropped the ball on containing the photographic evidence of the naked shenanigans.

So I say, leave Prince Harry alone. He didn't do anything that some of us may or may not have done ourselves and would readily do again. I would venture to say that upon his arrival back to the palace this week, he received a high five and an atta' boy from his dad and brother. All of this just makes him more able to relate to the people he reigns over as far as I'm concerned. So just chillax palace people, your boy was just getting his party on!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl - Will becoming a father to a daughter help a 'bad boy" behave?

I find it funny (ironic funny not ha ha funny) that sometimes despite your best efforts to try to leave a person or situation behind you, it still manages to find a way to creep up and sneak in on you when you least expect it.

Take for instance my recent reminder of Fireman that I happened upon by chance. For those of you that have been with me throughout the entire Fireman saga, commence eye rolling. For those of you that don't know the history, you can get caught up here if you need a good dose of deceit and drama.

The long and short of it is that although claiming complete singledom upon our meeting, he was indeed engaged at that time and went on to get married to his long-time girlfriend during the course of our hook ups, none of which I knew of at the time. He denied, denied, denied until I had enough hard proof that he had to cop to it. Then I found out she was pregnant. That, he continued to deny through the end of our communication, even when there was nothing left to lose, he still denied that he was a father-to-be. Basically, he's a real stand up guy.

That was that. The end. No communication and very few thoughts of him have passed since then.

So imagine my surprise when, upon enjoying my morning coffee and reading the local newspaper while at Twin's house last weekend, I see the birth announcement for his "she's not pregnant, I swear!" bundle of joy. A little girl.

I was not surprised that he did indeed have a baby, I already knew it was happening. What I was surprised by was unexpectedly seeing proof of it in small print black and white while I was innocently trying to enjoy my breakfast.

Since seeing the news of him being a father of a little girl, I have had one thought stuck in my head: Will being the father to a daughter make him change? 

It's one thing to be unfaithful to your girlfriend then wife, to be having multiple affairs before the ink is dry on your marriage certificate, to deny the impending birth of your child when you are only responsible for and accountable to yourself. But can you still justify behaving that way knowing that you now have a little girl that will some day grow up and could be the girl on either side of a shitty situation like that you have created for the women in your life?

Will being a dad make him be a better man?

I don't know but I hope so. For her sake.

I was thinking of sending a congratulatory gift for the baby but that somehow seems...inappropriate...under the circumstances. Right?!?

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Geeks, and Gamers, and Nerds Oh My!

Happy SCF all! Hope you all had a great week. Strange things are happening in a city near me... and the geeks, gamers, and nerds are rejoicing.

You see, Gen Con 2012 is going on in downtown Indy at this very moment. Now, I'm not quite LARP-aware enough to really get all the awesomeness that this convention of all things gaming brings with it, but I hear it's kind of a big deal.

In fact, I would venture to guess that this weekend will offer the absolute best in people watching that this city has to offer. It would be worth a trip downtown just for that.

I was lucky enough to be flying out of Indy a few years ago on the last day of Gen Con and you would have thought that Star Wars had invaded the airport. There were adults in full blown costumes from head to toe everywhere I looked. At the airport. Think about that and the security line for a minute. Yeah...I was not a fan. And to make things even more fun, most of those "characters" ended up on my flight. I'm sure if I knew who they were or what they were from, I would have appreciated that episode a little but more but I'm afraid I'm a little shy on the gamer knowledge side of things.

For those of you that know what LARPing is and have a desire to defend your galaxy, grab your costumes and get your ass to Indy ASAP, the fate of the planet may depend on it....or something like that!

I hear that geeks are the new hotties so the chances of getting some hot nerd-loving this weekend are high. I've noticed that for some reason, almost every chick involved in Gen Con costume fun dresses basically in leather and feathers and very little else. What more incentive do you need than that?? Just don't crush his laser ray while rolling around in the stock room at the Convention Center, it will totally ruin the moment, and his outfit.

And what better way to give you an idea of what Gen Con is all about than to reference the Phineas and Ferb episode that shows all things awesome of Gen Con type conventions and the people who love them.

Friday, August 10, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Pleasure Cart Anyone?

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! I'm a little sad that I got scooped by ABC News on this little gem, but I guess I'll settle for being a little late to the Pleasure Cart party because I still think it's totally worth mentioning today. 

You see, Trojan is not just about condoms anymore ladies and gentleman, they are going big time now with a line of personal vibrators. And better yet, they aren't doing it quietly or discreetly. They are taking their vibrating packages of joy to the streets, literally. 

Behold...the Pleasure Cart! 
(Image credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images via

Trojan has their Pleasure Carts set up all over NYC with the goal of making the day of some 10000 women. Talk about the gift that just keeps giving! And retailing at $30-$40 a pop regularly, these little love wands for free are an awesome bonus. 

Ladies in the NYC area, run do not walk, to your nearest Trojan Pleasure Cart and make your weekend a little extra happy! 

For the rest of us, we'll just have to sit here and pout a little. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe the Pleasure Cart will make a visit to a city near us! 

And for a woman who must use her buzzing friend a lot to be so damn happy all the time, today's song is a nod to buzz buzz buzzing inappropriateness. I get her double meaning here, don't think it's just a kid's song....

I know, I'm a little wrong but I just couldn't help it! All that buzzing....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to react to disappointment like an ass

I have a question for you all today: How do you react to disappointment in the early stages of getting to know someone?

Let's say, for example, that you have a good lunch date and try to reconnect with that person for a few weeks but the business of work and kids and all sorts of things keeps pushing the follow up date out?

Do you keep in touch via text, letting that person know that you "want them to want to see you"?  Do you accuse them of being married? Do you get angry and lash out like an asshole when she kindly tries to explain to you that although she had a good time upon your first meeting and would like to see you again, that she is OK with meeting up when both schedules permit as opposed to moving mountains to make date #2 happen as if it was on some sort of mandatory timeline?

I ask all of this because, of course, this just happened to me. Or I guess I should say it has been happening to me over the last few weeks. You guys remember my good lunch date guy right? How we had a nice time, he seemed cool, and also said he was OK with me clearly telling him that I wasn't looking for a serious situation with him, just looking for someone cool to spend time with when schedules and opportunities allow? Yeah, that guy.

On one hand, I can understand why he was frustrated and I acknowledged as much to him on multiple occasions as we tried to connect a few times and one or the other of us had to reschedule because of work or family obligations coming in the way. It wasn't always just me that had to reschedule, and when I did, I always suggested an alternate time/day for us to try to get together.

On the other hand, we had only been out on one lunch date so it's not like there should have been a big sense of obligation at that point right? Despite us both agreeing we had a good time and would like to go out again, I don't consider that a binding contract that has to be executed in a defined time frame. Maybe I missed the fine print somewhere.

Whatever it was, or could have been, is really a non-issue at this point. We were texting a bit last night and I must have hit one of his crazy switches at some point because dude kind of flipped out on me a little. I could almost hear his maniacal laughter through text.

He quickly showed a side of himself that could have taken me weeks or month of dating to uncover, it's a scary thought really. I could have invested in this guy and had feelings for him and then discovered that he has an ugly temper and isn't afraid to try to cut me down with harsh words and accusations. What a waste that would have been!

I think there is something to be said for intuition. There was a reason that I wasn't dying to fast track things with him and why I wasn't forcing the issue of us getting that second date in. Perhaps, after all of my dating highs and lows, I might just be getting a little better at feeling people out before I jump in head first.

Lessons learned friends, lessons learned...
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Friday, August 3, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Let's Go!

Happy Soft-Core Friday kids! Yes, finally, I have returned for the fun! Hooray!

Today is about making it through work so I can get on with a fun-filled weekend. No stress, no schedule, just a few days to enjoy with friends, eat some great food, shake my ass to some awesome music, and spend some time in this new(ish) city of mine just enjoying myself.  This, my friends, is long overdue!

Whatever your SCF brings your way, I hope it's awesome!  Let the games begin!

And no Soft-Core Friday post would be complete without a little music to get you pumped. Today's song is one that I just have to dance around like a lunatic to, it's not optional, it must be done! So for today, let this be your message: LET'S GO!  It is now or never, get off your ass, dance around a little, and make it happen!

Calvin Harris Featuring Ne-Yo: Let's Go