Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lack of Leaping (screwed by my own emotional slowness)

It's probably fairly fitting that this post would go up on leap year. It's ironic mostly considering my inability to leap, or fear to take a solid step even. 

Yes, that's right kids, my fear and emotional slowness are at an all time high right now. Let's just put it all out there, shall we? 

I haven't mentioned Jr. High Crush in a while, and there is a reason for that. Things are going well. Things could be going really really well if I wasn't such a closed off pain in the ass most of the time. This one is on me. I am the roadblock. I own it. 

First, a quick update. Jr. High Crush and I have been going strong, well as strong as we can with work and conflicting kid schedules (and my emotional slowness in full effect), but we are managing to find time to see each other in some capacity as often as we can. 

What is different, and maybe not quite what I expected, is that he is really just open about who he is, what he is feeling, and what he wants. No games. How can I function with no games?? I have spent years deciphering the cryptic meanings behind words and gestures only to now have a guy that lays it all out in plain English for me? I'm not quite sure how to handle all of this honesty and forthrightness. 

It's not really the honesty and forthrightness that I'm having a hard time handling, it is my reaction and then the expectation that I feel is put on me to try and return the favor. I have done a good job of bobbing and weaving to avoid a direct hit so far, but eventually I'm going to have to open up to him. The only problem is, that I'm not sure exactly what that means right now. What I am sure of is that I for some reason, am almost completely unable to understand and admit my feelings to myself, let alone share it with him at this point. 

So I'm going to try and give a test run on you guys. I hope that is OK. 

There are things about Jr. High Crush that I knew from before or figured out right away:
He is shorter than me (and I don't even really mind despite my previous rant on "Size Matters")
He is kind and genuine
He is a great dad
He puts family first
He invests in things he thinks are worth investing in
He is honest
He has good taste in music
He almost died twice in the last year. 
He really really likes me

There are also things about Jr. High Crush that I am learning for the first time:
He has a lot of collections. All valuable things that he is super-knowledgeable about, but not a single interest in common from that standpoint
He is an old soul. I have heard that said about people before but never really got it until I saw it firsthand with him
He is most likely never moving from his small town
He has a cat, or his daughter does I guess I should say. I am not a fan of cats in general, so of course his loves me and won't go away. 
He wants us to be in a relationship, officially. And do things that people in relationships do like vacation with our daughters and meet each other's families. 

Overall, there aren't a lot of things about him that I don't like, just several things about him that I fail to understand and question whether I could be accepting of those things if this were to become a long-term situation. 

The biggest one being the small town thing. I have nothing against small towns. I grew up in one and I think I turned out OK. But I have been a city girl almost as long as I was in the small town and I for sure prefer the city and want my daughter to grow up in one.  He owns a house and it is full of his collections and he already told me that he isn't moving. I would never move there. In fact, when school is out this summer, I am moving two hours in the opposite direction to an even bigger city. It's pretty much set in stone. He is not happy about that.

Other than our single-parenting, small town upbringing,  and taste in music, we have very little in common. We don't pretend that we don't know it, we both fully acknowledge the fact. But we are still fond of each other. And despite not having had sex yet (I hear you gasping...take a minute and let that sink in...) we have tested the waters enough to confirm that there is an intense physical chemistry between us as well. Talk about complaining about something that is not a problem, right?? 

It's a situation where really nothing is wrong at the moment, but I can't see how or where our lives would fit together down the road based on everything I know about each of us now. So I'm kind of stuck. 

Do I keep enjoying the ride and letting each of us invest more emotionally into each other only to know that it's going to end with disappointment or do I stop a good thing in its tracks, be thankful for the time we've had, and cut my losses before I get any more attached? 

See? I told you I was emotionally stunted! 

Any advice for me? 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Revisiting the Threesome

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" all! I won't bore you with how busy this week's been because really, who cares? What really matters is that because I've been out being my busy self, I haven't had a chance to work on a new post. Which really is a win for you guys because you get to revisit one of my most popular posts, which was actually a guest post, by the lovely and beautiful Chrystal Rose. And it's on threesomes. From a girl's perspective.  Win/Win/Win!

This post got some great conversations started and still gets a ton of traffic here at Random Girl. You can click back on the link if you want to see what happened the first time around. Or you can just read below and we can start the fun all over again!

On a very important side note, Chrystal has recently published her new memoir "Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch" and I will be doing a review along with a chance to win a signed copy of the book coming soon so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you can check out an excerpt on Chrystal's site here.

Now on to the fun!
(Reposted from 3/31/11)

Just when you thought the threesome theme had run it's course, no wait! Today I have the great privilege of welcoming my lovely friend Chrystal Rose to Random Girl to share with us her girl's point of view on her threesome experiences. If you aren't already following her blog or on twitter, get on it! She is fully Random Girl certified as awesome!

Chrystal, it's all yours babe!

Three’s Company or Three’s a Crowd?

I slid out of Hellcat’s bed and headed for the kitchen, stopping in my tracks at her bedroom door. The living room looked like what rockstars must leave behind for the maids at the hotels they trash. Empty bottles of beer, liquor, condom wrappers, broken glass, pieces of both red and pink fetish tape, empty whippet canisters and their corresponding balloons, and several cigarettes from a spilt ashtray covered the floor.

This is what Threesome Armageddon looks like.

As I tiptoed through the mess, kicking bits of the fetish tape aside as I went, careful not to step on any broken glass—the man on the couch stirred, rolled over and smiled at me. I smiled back and continued my trek to the kitchen in search of something that resembled water to drink. I quickly discovered that all the glasses were either dirty or had been smashed.

Fuck me.

I let the San Diego City water run for a minute before I stuck my mouth in the stream and gulped a solid 16oz down. Somehow I managed to get back and slide into bed next to Hellcat without injuring myself.

At 26 this was my 2nd threesome and it definitely rose the bar several notches from my first. My first had been at 19, though it could technically be called a foursome because we’d called in a 3rd girl to “finish the job.”

As a woman you are more likely to be part of a threesome some time in your life than a man is (statistically the odds are in your favor). The man may have “pressure to perform” in a MFF threesome but essentially he has it made.

As a female there are a few things to consider:

The ideal role is “The Guest Star”

Scenario One:

Female: Friend of mine
Male: Friend of mine with benefits who happened to have a crush on the female

Why it worked: I had zero feelings for him so I was able to walk away having had a fun experience. No jealousy, etc.

Scenario Two:
Female: Friend of mine
Male: Ex-Boyfriend of female

Why it worked (for me): Once again there weren’t any feelings tangled in, so I was able to walk away with a smile on my face.
As a guest star you are invited into the bedroom of another couple (or ex-couple) and can bail when the harsh light of day arrives along with the aftermath. And I really feel that threesomes are best for everyone involved when feelings aren’t.

The Insider

As an insider considering a threesome, there are lots of things to think about. You may be determined to do it, think it’ll be fun and harmless but the reality is you have feelings for this man. You may think it’s no big deal beforehand but you can’t predict your feelings after you watch the man you love get it on with another woman. Once it’s been done, you can’t take it back.

The broken glass from Scenario Two? That wasn’t from fun and games and “oops!” we knocked something over—That was from her launching glasses at him when she had a change of heart AFTER what we’d done. Sure she’d been there encouraging the whole thing, but when it was over she was more than pissed at him.

Can you imagine what might have happened if they were still a couple?

While men can go around sticking it in any hole they wish without feelings of attachment, women are cursed with giving a fuck. This of course doesn’t go for everyone and depends on the circumstances. I’ve had sex like a man and it’s very empowering to not care about them at all. There’s a difference between guys like that and the one I actually love.

Tips For the Insider

  • Make your guest star a true guest star—someone you don’t know. Whether you find her on the adult classifieds or hire an escort, she’ll be out of your life once the job is done.
  • Keep it focused. You don’t have to let this girl sleep over and provide her breakfast the next morning or anything (though a girlfriend of mine did get this sort of royal treatment.) When it’s all said and done, you can say goodbye…and it leaves some room for some twosome action.
  • Make sure you know why you’re doing it, if it’s not a fantasy of yours or something you think you’ll enjoy then don’t do it. He’ll live.
  • Get something out of it. With a guy who’s lucky to have two women and a guest star that’s an outsider—you run the show. Make sure that you’re having a great time and getting what you want out of it. This isn’t a twosome with you as the voyeur (well unless you want it to be of course.)
  • Set ground rules for whatever you don’t feel comfortable with and don’t be afraid to take charge.
  • Relax and have fun!

From a woman’s perspective, threesomes can be a fun experience. Maybe not something you want to do every weekend but a situation worth exploring.

Have fun, be safe and happy threesomes!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Would you let your Ex write your online dating profile?

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! We made it through another one....well... almost at least. And this is even more impressive than normal because we all had to deal with the daunting task of handling V Day in addition to the normal everyday crap so this deserves an extra drink at happy hour in my opinion. So...cheers to you!

My week was busy but good (I'm assuming you care here so just go with it ok?). I got an unexpected bit of love on V day which was, against all things in me that really doesn't like to acknowledge such silly days, made me smile and appreciate being thought of in a fond way.

I also spent a lot of time this week trying to fend of the not-so-recently Ex'd Twin. Several of you dolls on Twitter offered to assist me with stern talking to's and even leg breaking after a recent round of my venting. Your willingness to defend me is touching and much appreciated. I think it's handled now though... at least I'm hoping.

Why am I hopeful? Because Twin has his online dating profile back up. I'm glad to see that he has put himself back on the market, and am keeping my fingers crossed that he finds himself with a new distraction sooner rather than later.

For the sake of time and with a complete lack of creativity, he just used the exact same profile that he had used before. And really I can't blame him, it did help him land me after all, and we both know that was a win for him....right?? So I guess he figures if it's not broken, why fix it?

But it is broken...because many of the things he is promoting himself to be, be interested in, and find important, are not indeed translated into real life. At least not the the life that I was a part of for a while.

Now I know it's nothing new to exaggerate or perhaps just present your ideal self vs. your actual self on the all-important dating profile but really, I think it would just be better to represent your true self....or let your Ex write your dating profile for you... that would be a great idea!!

Who better to give people the real deal on you than someone who dated you successfully for a minute? If they have good things to say, chances are you would be perceived as a decent guy, almost like a reference check, and up your chances of landing someone equally as decent. If your ex has some harder truths to share, at least the new person would know what they were getting into from the beginning and could plan accordingly. What bugs one person might be fine with another and you could find a more fitting date from the beginning. I say it's a win/win!

I would have a few minor tweaks for Twin's profile if given the opportunity to write it for him. I may write up a draft and send it to him to consider. I'm sure he would appreciate that.

Would I let him write mine for me? I absolutely would. I was my true, authentic self with him and I think my dating profile in the past was accurate to what he experienced so I really don't have anything to be worried about.

What about you? Would you let your Ex write your online dating profile?? (And pick the pictures to be included???)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated: Thanks Dunkin for breaking my heart on Valentine's Day

I wasn't going to post today. Not because I am opposed to or excited by Valentine's day, but because I just posted yesterday.

But then Dunkin Donuts broke my heart this morning so I'm sharing it with you kids.

Dear Dunkin Donuts:

There are few things I ask for in life. But one of the things I truly enjoy is our early morning rendezvous that have me leaving with a smile and my iced coffee with caramel swirl, cream, and one Splenda on mornings when I really really need a little love. Today was one of those mornings.

The first insult came from the ridiculously long drive thru line I was faced with. I mean, it was "our" special day DD, you should have been waiting for me, not the other way around.

Then came the ultimate let down: Upon telling you my heart's desire, you tell me you can't give me what I really need...caramel swirl.... as you find yourself out of that at the moment. Really DD? You have 3 flavors and you are out of one?? How can that be? And today of all days??

That's it Dunkin, we are so over!! I ask for so little from you, expecting nothing more than what you yourself promised to deliver to me, and then you don't come through?!

And don't think that you can woo me back with your chocolate-covered  heart shaped sugary's going to take more than that to get me to forgive you for this Valentine's Day disappointment.

Update 3pm: DD has begun following me on Twitter and sent a DM requesting to contact me to help resolve the situation.  I truly appreciate the gesture. Now, if they send me flowers too (or even better, offer free iced coffees with caramel swirl, cream, and 1 splenda free for life) ... we might be back on! I'm a reasonable girl! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Who? Me?

I'd like to thank the academy....
or at least the fine voting folks over at Studio 30 Plus for voting RGB the Best Dating Blog of 2011 in the Boomerang Awards.

(Practicing my best fake shock/surprise face ala Taylor Swift...)
Who?? Me?? No way!!

But I really am surprised and quite honored so thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for yours truly.

And I'm in great company with winners such as Brandon from Lost in Idaho, Kelly from Naked Girl in a Dress, and Lance from My Blog Can Beat up Your Blog. If you're not following these kids, you need to because they are lovely and much deserving of their awards as well.

So now that I have a rep to live up to, I guess I should probably throw in some "dating blog" type stuff here right?

Off we go...

After a heavy dose of nostalgia that you all let me indulge in on my SCF post, I had my first date with Jr. High Crush on Saturday night. I was oddly nervous. There is something about kind of knowing someone for so long that made me not sure about whether I should raise or lower my expectations. I mean, I knew him really well when we were 12, but not so much really since we were about 18 so should I assume he is better or worse now then he was then?

Would we have anything to talk about besides "back in the day"? Would there be chemistry now in the light of day or was that just the darkened bar/several drinks effect that made it seem like there was a few weeks ago? I just wasn't sure.

So I did the only thing I could, went out with him without expectations and made up my mind to just take things as they come and treat it like any first date with a new guy. I let him tell his story without making assumptions. Essentially, we started with a clean slate because really, it was. We had never dated before so it really was our first date.

It was a wise choice. He has a great story to tell. There are a lot of parallels in our lives when it comes to family, divorce, single parenting, maintaining friendships, music interests, and more. There was no lag in conversation, no awkward silence, no weirdness at all. In fact, we spent so much time engrossed in conversation that we totally missed the movie we planned to see and closed the restaurant down. I take that as a good sign.

We met up with some of my friends to watch a band play after our lengthy dinner. They were people he had known "back in the day" but it was nice to get to re-introduce them anyways. We had a few cocktails, danced a little, and just enjoyed ourselves.

Then I started getting texts from the recently Ex'd Twin. Very specific texts which led me to believe he too was at the same bar. Which he was as I found out on my way back from a trip to the bathroom. There he sat.


We talked for a few minutes which was fine. Then he kissed me. Which was not so fine. We had the benefit of a crowded bar and a hundred people between us and where my date was sitting but it was still highly inappropriate and quite pissed me off. So much for being nice.

I walked away and went back to my date and continued my evening. It ended nicely with a few kisses and plans for our next date which I'm looking forward to.

As for the Twin, I'm not sure if he knew I was with another guy Saturday or not. I'm guessing he did and that's why he pulled the alpha-male/mark his territory move and kissed me for no good reason. He has been texting ever since. I'm trying to be nice because I don't dislike him but we aren't together anymore and I don't like to prolong the drama once I've made up my mind that I'm done with someone. He must have missed the memo.

Any ideas on how to get an ex to be an ex and go away? I don't really want him to be a distraction to the new situation I have going on. I would really just like to enjoy the moment that I'm in and not get drug back into what isn't anymore.

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Jr. High Dreams edition

Happy SCF kids! Unfortunately today I am not writing this as I prepare to jet off for my weekend in Vegas, I am writing this as I am still trying to recover from my last weekend in Vegas, much less fun than this time last week I assure you!

So as I mentioned in my Vegas Deconstructed post, I ended up front row at Motley Crue at the Hard Rock on Sunday night. It was an awesome way to wrap up my trip to sin city.

Now some of you may not get why this was such a treasured moment for me, others of you get it perfectly. See, I was in Jr. High when Motley Crue was huge. Like beyond huge. Like "biggest hair metal band on the planet" huge. At least to a Jr. High girl they were. I slow danced my way through "Home Sweet Home" and "Without You" more times than I can remember. And I loved every second of it.

So when Tommy Lee descended from the sky with his sparkly baby grand piano and started up the first few notes of "Home Sweet Home" my 8th grade heart melted all over again. Despite the many, many years between then and now, it was just as awesome as I remembered it, only now I was slow dancing in the Hard Rock and they were playing live in front of me.

See?? Now do you get it??? Yes!

To add to the Jr. High dreams theme, I have my first official date with my Jr. High crush on Saturday night. Either I fell back in a time warp or the stars have aligned in a long overdue way. Either way, I'm having fun riding out this little piece of nostalgia.

So to the spandex wearing, big hair, rocker screams of the past.... I devil horn salute you and look forward to our next slow dance!

Join me on my little trip down memory lane if you care to... today's SCF videos are "Home Sweet Home" and "Without You" ....and then a little "Kickstart my Heart" just for fun!

On a side note, the band I saw Sunday bore very little resemblance visually to the band appearing in the videos below, but the still sounded exactly the same! And I still wouldn't kick Tommy Lee out of my bed...just sayin!

Oh and p.s. my daughter was watching the "Home Sweet Home" video over my shoulder and asked me "Mommy, why are those boys wearing girls stuff??"  Oh honey, it was a very different time.... sigh....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Vegas Weekend Deconstructed

Well kids, I survived another one!

I am enjoying my recovery day after returning from my weekend in Vegas with Blog Boy. There were so many awesome moments that I'm having a tough time deciding what to write about first. This may take several posts so hang in there OK?

Overall, things went perfectly. All of my traveling went off without hitch, completely on time and uneventful which is rare but exactly how I like it. Pretty much everything from the room, to the food, to the entertainment, and especially the company were all perfect. This trip was a huge "WIN" for sure!

For this post, I'm going to focus on the timeline of fun. There will be lots of links if you're interested in the details or looking to book your own Vegas trip and need suggestions.

Upon arrival on Friday evening, I got to the hotel, put myself together and we were off for dinner with a friend of mine that lives in Vegas and her son whom I adore. She being local, had the hookup on impossible to get reservations at Comme Ca, a french restaurant in the Cosmopolitan. The meal was beyond amazing. I ate things I would normally never order and loved every single bite. We then headed to the Chandelier Bar which is 3 stories of beauty in the middle of it all and enjoyed several hours of good cocktails and awesome people watching. This hotel is beautiful and has an awesome layout.

After dinner Blog Boy and I met up with some of his friends at Mirage for a little gaming, more cocktails, and a night of fun. We rolled back to the room about 4am, slept for a bit and then got up and started the fun all over again.

Saturday started with coffee (of course) and more gaming. We then spent most of the afternoon in the Oleksandra spa getting a "couples" massage and enjoying the sauna. It was a nice relaxing break amid the chaos! It was then on to happy hour at Isla Tequila Bar, enjoying margaritas and some fantastic Taquitos and guac with another one of Blog Boy's friends that was in town also. We then moved on to a suite party for a different friend's birthday and had a delicious Chinese dinner in beautiful private room at Fin. Then it was out for more gaming at several casinos.

Sunday started with breakfast and a little more gaming as we prepped for the SuperBowl party that was to come.  I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely and talented woman behind one of my favorite blogs, Lazidaisical, and we got to enjoy a few drinks over a quick visit prior to the Super Bowl party we had reservations for. She is awesome! If you don't read her or follow her on the Twitters, get on it or you are missing out!

Next, it was on to the Super Bowl party with more friend at STACK at Mirage. We had great seats, more amazing food, and an awesome time. I really loved being in Vegas for Super Bowl, everyone was wearing their team colors regardless of whether their team was playing. I was rocking the #18 in Colts Blue of course, since it was played in Peyton's house and all... it was only right!

After Super Bowl, it was still early since the game started at 3:30 Vegas time. That left us plenty of time to find something awesome to do. And awesome it was! We ended up seeing Motley Crue at the Hard Rock. It was the one thing that I really really really wanted to do when I first found out they would be playing when I booked my trip and it wasn't looking like it was going to happen. But miracles of miracles, it did happen and it was so awesome, that concert is getting it's own post to come soon.

Since I had to leave for the airport at 4am for a 6am flight out on Monday morning, it totally made sense to just stay up all night and continue the shenanigans. I can honestly say that we really maximized the opportunity for fun on this trip and there really is not a single thing that I would change.

My last trip, I did a list of lessons learned as part of my recap. Here is what this trip taught me:
1) Vegas can be just as fun as part of a group of middle aged "couples" as opposed to being all just hot chicks. It's a different kind of fun, but still an awesome time none the less.
2) Vegas is much more enjoyable when I don't have to be in 5" hooker heels the entire trip, just every now and then. To be able to walk all day/night comfortably really is the way to go and allowed me to have much more fun in multiple locations. Hot shoes, they are a girls best friend and worst enemy all at once there. They came out when I needed to dress to impress and stayed behind when I wanted to just rock out and have fun. I did not envy nor feel bad for the drones of chicks walking barefoot at the end of the night. Yuck!
3) Not spending every day at party pools and every night in trendy clubs really opened things up to more unexpected fun at crazy places
4) Motley Crue can still rock my face off and despite the years not being kind to several of them, Tommy Lee can still call my room Home Sweet Home any time he wants
5) Being in Vegas with someone who I already am super fond of and know is very cool just makes a good trip even better. So far we have had adventures in Chicago, Denver, and Las Vegas. Next up: New Orleans and NYC. Can't wait!

Friday, February 3, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - about to be going H.A.M. in Vegas

Happy SCF kids! I am happy to announce that the Vegas countdown is now down to a matter of hours. I could not be more ready for this little adventure.

Tomorrow I will be waking up in Vegas, assuming that I actually go to sleep at some point after I fly in tonight. I'm thinking that sleep is not likely for the next few days as Blog Boy has a full day jump on me and has already scouted a party plan for us for pretty much every minute of the entire weekend. I'm not complaining. At last text, he was running the craps table like he owned it. That is good news!

Last trip, I took on the challenge you kids gave me of  the Vegas Truth-or-Dare game and while fun, I don't think I'll be that ambitious this time around. I do plan on live tweeting so you can join in the shenanigans if you follow me on the Twitters @randomgirlblog.

In the spirit of the forthcoming fun, today I'm leaving you with a clip from Vegas Vacation. It pretty much highlights what can go wrong if you try hard enough or are foolish enough to bring your kids along. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The best way to get over someone....

I believe it was Brandon from Lost in Idaho that reminded me after one of my previous break ups that the best way to get over by getting under someone else. Thanks for those words of wisdom Idaho....they served as a handy reminder and excellent justification for my most recent set of shenanigans. I do so love having an excuse!

Before I get into that, I wanted to just take a moment to share with you all my post-deconstruction take-aways from my recently defunct relationship with the Twin. It's that last time it will be mentioned. You have my word.

Here is what I learned:
1) I can and do enjoy being in a serious, monogamous relationship (that's HUGE kids, I didn't know if I was capable of that after my recent track record of shenanigans-only situations)
2) Good enough is not good enough.
3) If I'm going to be in an exclusive relationship with someone, I need them to be actively involved with my life in it's entirety, not just the parts that are easy or convenient for them
4) I need to quit keeping people who want to invest in me at arm's length out of fear and/or distrust. I need to give a guy the benefit of the doubt until/unless proven I need to do otherwise.
5) When it's not working more often than it is working, it's time to call it off. Having the same conversation to address the same frustrations over and over does not resolve them, it just confirms that the will to resolve them isn't there and it's probably not going to happen. Cut your loses and move on.

Speaking of cutting my loses and moving on, that's what I have done. The official break up has occurred and this time it was not followed up by a day and a half of break up/make up sex. It was a hug goodbye and that was that.

So what's a newly single girl to do that has been spoiled by lots of lots of good sex on a very regular basis for the last 6 months? Call up the reserves, that's what. And so welcomes the return of Fireman. Oh yes, I went there....again.

I can hear my sweet Kat cussing me out from several states away. I know how much you really despise the concept of him. I'm sorry darling.... but I just couldn't resist. I deserve many many spankings from you and will be anxiously awaiting them. *bends over and smiles*

Technically, Fireman never really went away. He has been hard-pressing me pretty much the entire time I was with Twin but because I was determined to do the relationship the right way, he was denied repeatedly and emphatically. But when he came around this time, I was single again so.... it's OK....right??

Ok, probably not OK. The boy is trouble for me. He has been for the last year. That's right kids, we have been at this off and on for an entire year. It's kind of ridiculous I will admit. But, it is kind of nice to have a good fall back guy who can pick up right where we left off and not have any of the drama or expectations that can come from starting over with someone new.

Do you have a fall back guy/girl? An on-call piece that you can count on to handle things when you are in-between relationships? I can't be the only one.... share!

Also, thanks to the awesome Lady E who has dubbed this month #WWTFIFLF Month. Join in the fun and let's rock this right! Go grab the widget and post up your words! 

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