Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's in a title?

Let me tell you kids, if I were a "girlfriend", I would be an awesome girlfriend! But since I am being stubborn about being collared with an official relationship status/title, we'll just say I am definitely a good person to have the favor of when one's birthday rolls around. 

It was time for the 2nd annual Twin birthday extravaganza the weekend after Thanksgiving. Last year, we had been dating for a long few months and I treated him to an awesome downtown city, fun filled birthday bash that would be hard to top. Granted, it was a little early to be spoiling someone so much but it really was self-serving as you kids now how much I like hotel sex and amazing food and any reason to find myself in that situation is a good enough reason for me.  

But top it I did! This year's birthday weekend blew last year out of the water I tell ya! 

I love planning epic weekends. I'm good at it. And this year I was able to make some new friends that were able to hook me up with the best room in the best hotel in the city with a view that cannot be beat! We stayed at the same hotel last year but this year our return visit was far and above the great stay we had last time. And I'm not exaggerating. Throw in reservations at a couple of outstanding restaurants, a tour of the city lights, and a night on the town that ended in a dimly lit, vodka infused, cigar bar/speak easy place and it really was a good weekend. 

And yes, there was hotel sex. Lots of hotel sex. Randy left that room a very happy girl, with an equally happy birthday boy. It took three days to get that smile off his face. I'm sure the new lacy things I packed had nothing to do with that. Nope, not in the least. 

Was it a bit extravagant for someone that I won't even call my boyfriend technically? Yes, yes it was. Did I enjoy the process of planning it and letting it unfold over the course of the weekend? I sure did! It was an excuse to put some special effort into a weekend I would have enjoyed on my own, but enjoyed much more so because we were together. I think that says a lot. 

So what if I won't call him boyfriend? If he gets treated like one, gets spoiled like one, and gets the perks of  being one, shouldn't that be enough? 


  1. I don't think there's any reason to label what you guys have it you don't want to. I completely agree with the last paragraph. If he's not complaining, don't let it ruffle your lacy items. ;)

  2. No reason to go screwing things up with labels...if it works for you guys just go with it. :D

  3. Bleh, "labels" are overrated. Define your relationship when you feel like it, or not. I love planning epic surprises. If I were someone's girlfriend, they would worship me. I'm THAT good. -er, we're talking planning epic surprises here. heh. I've not been in a relationship or dated anyone longer than a few weeks, for a long time now, so I haven't had the opportunity to show off my creativity. But mark my words, when I start dating someone again, they are going to smile for a long, long, time. ;)

  4. If you enjoyed it, and he enjoyed it, and you enjoyed that he enjoyed it, who the hell cares what you call it? I'm just glad you had one helluva time.


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