Friday, August 10, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Pleasure Cart Anyone?

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! I'm a little sad that I got scooped by ABC News on this little gem, but I guess I'll settle for being a little late to the Pleasure Cart party because I still think it's totally worth mentioning today. 

You see, Trojan is not just about condoms anymore ladies and gentleman, they are going big time now with a line of personal vibrators. And better yet, they aren't doing it quietly or discreetly. They are taking their vibrating packages of joy to the streets, literally. 

Behold...the Pleasure Cart! 
(Image credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images via

Trojan has their Pleasure Carts set up all over NYC with the goal of making the day of some 10000 women. Talk about the gift that just keeps giving! And retailing at $30-$40 a pop regularly, these little love wands for free are an awesome bonus. 

Ladies in the NYC area, run do not walk, to your nearest Trojan Pleasure Cart and make your weekend a little extra happy! 

For the rest of us, we'll just have to sit here and pout a little. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe the Pleasure Cart will make a visit to a city near us! 

And for a woman who must use her buzzing friend a lot to be so damn happy all the time, today's song is a nod to buzz buzz buzzing inappropriateness. I get her double meaning here, don't think it's just a kid's song....

I know, I'm a little wrong but I just couldn't help it! All that buzzing....


  1. Hey, I saw those carts in Chinatown, but they were called Carts of Preasure.

  2. Ok, major props for the Laurie Berkner song. I remember hearing that and thinking the SAME thing.

    I love Trojan's marketing campaign, but I think their toys are over-priced and under-deliver. I am a regular tester/reviewer at Edenfantasys, and the Trojan vibes rank low when compared to other toys.

    More bang for your buck, as it were... But go go Trojan for spreading the word and getting more ladies happy!

  3. Dude, I was just in NYC and didn't see these!! Damn it!

  4. DANG, folks in NYC have all the guilty pleasures!!!!!

  5. Yet ANOTHER reason why I must travel to NYC! :)

  6. And the South African's like to think they are 'mature' and open about this kind of thing - no Pleasure Carts in Joburg though. I may have to suggest it to someone ...

  7. As soon as I see one of these you will be the first to know!!


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