Friday, August 3, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Let's Go!

Happy Soft-Core Friday kids! Yes, finally, I have returned for the fun! Hooray!

Today is about making it through work so I can get on with a fun-filled weekend. No stress, no schedule, just a few days to enjoy with friends, eat some great food, shake my ass to some awesome music, and spend some time in this new(ish) city of mine just enjoying myself.  This, my friends, is long overdue!

Whatever your SCF brings your way, I hope it's awesome!  Let the games begin!

And no Soft-Core Friday post would be complete without a little music to get you pumped. Today's song is one that I just have to dance around like a lunatic to, it's not optional, it must be done! So for today, let this be your message: LET'S GO!  It is now or never, get off your ass, dance around a little, and make it happen!

Calvin Harris Featuring Ne-Yo: Let's Go


  1. Yay, it's back! Enjoy your weekend love :) and also - AWESOME song choice, it's on my Get Psyched Mix! xoxo :)

  2. Great song choice. And welcome back to the SCF fun! I know I'll be enjoying *my* Friday...

  3. Is this a blog post or a lame hey everybody I'm alive post?


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