Friday, August 24, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Finally, A Royal us commoners can relate to

Happy SCF Kids! This week was one for the scandal record books as far as the British Royal family is concerned. I appears, literally, that what happened in Vegas has now been seen around the world. I personally, would like to thank Prince Harry for showing us that he, like us, can get down and dirty in Vegas! He's truly a Prince after this Random Girl's heart!

In case you missed it, the young (and surprisingly well equipped) Prince was caught in photos prancing about in the nude with a few lovely ladies in his not so private suite on a recent trip to Vegas. Now while this incident has embarrassed and seemingly enraged the Royal Family, here's why I'm saying they should just chill on the whole matter a bit. It's not as if he killed someone for goodness sake.

The facts of the case as it goes now are pretty much this: the single and somewhat hot Prince Harry was enjoying himself in Vegas, he and his boys had some drinks and found some pretty girls who wanted to continue the party, they venture to his suite at the Encore hotel, and proceed to have a friendly game of strip pool.

That actually kind of seems like a mild excursion compared to what could have gone down in my Vegas experience. He just had the unfortunate luck of a) being a highly recognizable member of the Royal Family b) partying with chicks who happened to bring their smartphones along and c) having a cracker jack security detail that dropped the ball on containing the photographic evidence of the naked shenanigans.

So I say, leave Prince Harry alone. He didn't do anything that some of us may or may not have done ourselves and would readily do again. I would venture to say that upon his arrival back to the palace this week, he received a high five and an atta' boy from his dad and brother. All of this just makes him more able to relate to the people he reigns over as far as I'm concerned. So just chillax palace people, your boy was just getting his party on!


  1. HaHa, like you said, great minds certainly think alike!!!! I must say, he has a royally nice ass!!!

  2. Agreed. They may be Royal but they need to loosen up.

  3. I wish they would leave him slone. Good grief! He was having fun, where's the crime in that? I think it's hilarious, the ROYAL SCANDAL. He strikes me as a spontaneous, happy go lucky, with a nice ass, kinda guy. Where's the crime?

  4. Love when the Royal traditions are smashed by a young un', go Harry! Oh, you did already I see ...

  5. I've volunteered to spank the naughty prince. So far the Royals have declined my offer.

  6. Consenting. Adults.

    Grow the fuck up, Royal Family.


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