Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm going to start writing letters

I've decided that I'm going to start writing letters. Like real pen-to-paper letters to the people that I love or have impacted my life in some way. I'm going to write, stamp, and mail those letters to the people that are intended to receive them. Because I need to know that they know what they mean to me.

I know that this is not a novel idea, writing letters to people who have impacted my life, but it is a new idea for me. As much as I share my ideas and goings on with the kids here at RG, I'm really quite awful about being open and emotionally transparent with the people in my everyday life. I need to do better. This is one small step towards trying to do that.

I haven't sat down and made a list of people I need to write to. I'm going to commit to writing one letter a week, and that letter will go to whoever is on my heart at that moment, who I feel could benefit from seeing my thoughts about them in black and white. It's a long overdue gesture in some ways, and will be a total surprise to some because they certainly would never expect such a thing from me.

I thought about typing my thoughts out for convenience and times sake, maybe even e-mailing to make the process quicker. Then I decided that is not what this effort is about. It is about taking the time to give my thoughts, in my own hand writing, to people I find very worthy and special. E-mail and typed letters aren't going to convey how special or valued that person is in my opinion. I'll be doing this the old-fashioned way, even if my handwriting is an odd combination of printing and cursive and some of my letters are smooshed or run together. It will be authentically me.

So I'm going to go out and buy some beautiful paper, a box of envelopes, and new roll of stamps and get to writing. Check your mail, you might be hearing from me soon!


  1. There is (I agree) a huge difference between actually writing a letter on paper to one you love rather than a quick email. Writing a letter involves the purchase of a stamp and going to the post office or a nearby mailbox (which is quickly becoming a thing of the past) and it says "You matter".

    Receiving a letter in the mail other than a bill? Nothing makes me happier than that.

    Do it! :)

  2. Randy, DO THIS. Good idea and all that stuff. I still enjoy getting letters in the mail. It means that someone I know still uses the cryptic and often times, cramplingly painful art of putting pen to paper. While your at it, rev up the Pony Express, I'll ride out for you.

    Also, I enjoyed your post about your g-ma. It is sad when we lose our loved ones but it is refreshing to hear of somebody celebrating the passing of one that led a good life, and doing so out of love. All to often, we forget that this is not our permanent home. God bless.

  3. GREAT idea. I am a big believer in cards for random reasons and at random times. I love cheering people up with something fun in their mail. This is GREAT. Time consuming but rewarding. :)

  4. I love your idea! I've often mourned the demise of the "written letter". Emails and/or texts, and a typed letter, while convenient, are very impersonal to me. The art of letter has gone the way of the old VHS. And that makes me a little sad. I used to LOVE opening my mailbox and seeing a letter addressed to me, waiting in there, for me to open. Ha, I think I'll write myself a letter and mail it to me. :)

  5. One of my oldest friends and I started our relationship by writing letters to each other. It has been eight years, but I've brought those letters with me wherever I have moved. They are more precious than any pictures on facebook or text messages that I have ever or will ever receive. Enjoy your letter writing!

  6. I LOVE this so much! There is something so special about a "real" handwritten message. I think there's something to be said about handwriting analysis because I'm always fascinated by peoples' handwriting, I guess because it's so unique in the computer age. Your recipients will be thrilled, my darling!!

  7. AMAZING IDEA! Random Girl Blog, bringing back the art of letter-writing and saving a failing postal system at the same time! You should start a blog letter writing campaign. I'd totally jump on board. We should make buttons or personalize stamps or something. T-shirts. T-shirts are ALWAYS good.

  8. I love this idea. I write a lot of letters - I am acquiring penpals from all over the world and meeting amazing people through letter-writing. But I have never written a letter to someone who is important to me, just to say that they are important to me, and then sent it off in the post. I hope you don't mind, but I am so going to have to steal this idea and join you in writing a letter a week.

  9. Just an update: First letter is written, mailed, and received. The response was pretty awesome. Little did I know exactly how low that person was feeling at the moment they got my letter and how my words would help them change their perspective on how exactly important and awesome they are. And the fact that it was hand written was specifically mentioned in the follow up, how much more it meant to that person because they know that I usually only write my words electronically. They felt special because I took the time to make it personal because they matter so much to me. I'm glad I did. And I'll be doing it more.


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