Friday, June 29, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - I'm recycling, because it's good for the environment

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! I'm once again taking the lazy way out and recycling one of my previous SCF posts because a) I'm still not recovered from the move 2) I have to run out the door in 15 minutes and 3) this is already like 6 hours late. 

All very good reasons in my opinion. And if you needed another one, Magic Mike opens today and ladies, don't pretend like you don't agree that today should be declared a national holiday strictly to honor Channing Tatum's abs. 

So enjoy a trip down memory lane and another excuse to watch the Magic Mike trailer. I take full responsibility. 

I promise, I got some super fresh awesome stuff rattling around in my brain and it will be shared with you shortly. Don't give up on me! 


  1. Girl, I've got Sunday Funday reserved for Channing and Matthew and the rest of those HOT boys. My gang of girls are gonna be hard to control in that theatre!!!!!

  2. it's funny, before this movie i hadn't even heard of channing tatum, now i wanna live in his pants.

  3. I went with a group of 19 women, to watch this tonight. OMG, just, OMG!!!


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