Friday, June 1, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - The Easiest One Ever

This SCF is the easiest one ever. Basically because I'm doing absolutely nothing for it in terms of creative force. I didn't have to, my sweet Kat and darling Jewels took care of all the awesomeness for me! Did I mention how much I love these girls? 

First up: Zombie porn. Not just any zombie porn but super HOT zombie porn. And I'm very picky about my porn. This is top notch. Go visit Jewel's site Naughty Nothings and check out Kat's hot, twisted words. 

After that, make sure you stop by Kat's site for more shenanigan-filled fun including her own take on the BDSM craze and her hatred of all things 50 Shades, I kind of agree with her on the points she makes, plus her true life story she shares is pretty awesome. Oh yeah, and she put my "Writes Like A Slut" picture up today too so you know that's cool too... 

I was going to try to find a fitting zombie video to include in today's post but the amount of bad zombie-related videos on youtube was overwhelming and gave me anxiety so I'm skipping it. Go read this instead. It's more zombie goodness from my sweet Kat over at The Indie Chicks. 


  1. Look at you with all that pimping this SCF! I love it. :) You look amazing in that shirt darling! When am I hosting you at NN??

  2. That top cracks me up - love it!

  3. Shirt looks good on you! I may, or may not, have been intrigued enough by Kats Zombie Porn to follow that link ...

  4. Kat's zombie porn story was seriously my favorite erotica post of all TIME. I couldn't think of a better subject for SCF!

  5. Have I told you lately how brilliant you are and how bless I am to have the support of such an awesome friend? *MWAH!*


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