Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is that daylight I see?

Hey kids! Yes, I have seen daylight through the pile of boxes! Hooray!

Moving this weekend was, was moving, which automatically sucks but as moves go, this one went pretty OK so I'll spare you the boring the details and just say how happy I am to know that tomorrow I am back to working and actually looking forward to the normalcy of a regular day. I know, I'm sick like that.

I'll do a more in depth "What I learned From Moving" post at some point. Just not now. Because I'm tired and my fingers hurt from ripping tape off boxes for three days straight so this is all you get! No complaining or I'll come over with my packing tape gun and wrap you tightly against something very pokey. I'll do it!

I miss you guys!


  1. Careful what you say 'cause somebody might REALLY like to take you up on your offer of wrapping them up in packing tape.

  2. Hooray! Light at the end of that tunnel! Awesome! I for one have missed you.

  3. good job getting all moved in, randy. we miss you too :)

  4. I've been away myself so kinda glad I haven't missed loads! Yay on the boxes, the worst part is over - now you just need 'settle in'

  5. No disasters on moving day? I call that a WIN!

  6. I'm still traumatized by my move and it's been 3 1/2 months. *rocks back and forth*


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