Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking things into my own hands with The Indie Chicks

It's for real this time kids, I'm in love.

The new Indie Chicks website has me completely smitten! So much so that I am signing on as a contributor and will be opening myself up to them with reckless abandon. So totally unlike me!

My first article is up today and I'm laying it all out there right from the beginning. No baby steps here people, we are going straight for the full frontal. Well, more like "hands on" but you'll see what I mean when you link over there now and check out my article.

The only problem with this new relationship is that it's not monogamous. We are both kind of still seeing other people but we have worked out an arrangement that is to both of our liking. And we get to share awesome writers like Kat & Jewels...and by share I mean...we both get to enjoy our "special" time with these ladies. It's a win/win really.

So go meet my lover. Introduce yourself, pour yourself a drink, and get comfortable...I'm thinking you will want to stay awhile.


  1. Yay! Hot chicks, all together in one area!

    This makes stalking so much easier.

  2. Thanks for the pimping. :) I love the site, Chiara did a great job with it and I love that it is taking off. Your article today was GREAT! Love it!! Can't wait for more from you there.

  3. Was all over it on Monday and I absolutely loved it! Glad to hear that you're joining the ranks!

  4. Loved your Indie Chicks post!

  5. You article was a perfect Randy intro to The Indie Chicks. Here's to many more RandyGirl articles!


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