Friday, May 11, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - The Perfect Gift for Mom

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" to you all! Don't forget that Mother's Day is Sunday. The woman brought you into the world, make sure you treat her right so she doesn't threaten to take you out of it...amiright?!?

Saturday Night Live is always full of great ideas for special occasions. This year's Mother's Day suggestion? Well, it's 50 Shades of Grey of course! Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day!" like mommy porn!

I thought this skit on SNL was pretty hilarious and also pretty appropriate because I think almost every woman I know, myself included, has either read or is in the process of reading that book at the moment.

If your mom has a sense of humor or an appreciation for...great's an idea for you!
(The video quality on this one is not great, the good one wouldn't link for some reason but you can YouTube it and find the good quality one, I'm not tech smart enough to figure out the problem)

I also have a little more heartfelt take on Mother's Day posted up at The Indie Chicks today as well. Do me a favor and go check it out please! And as always, comment love is greatly appreciated! 

In addition the the SNL video above, I wanted to share another video today. My sweet Kat shared this in a very touching post she did this week and honored the late  Beastie Boy's member Adam (MCA) Yauch who passed last Friday after a three year battle with cancer.  His music was a staple in the soundtrack of my youth and this tribute by Coldplay takes a beautiful spin on a party anthem I shouted out and jumped around like a loon to too many times to count. Enjoy!


  1. I'd missed that SNL skit but laughed so hard. So true. Haha. I have to head to Indie to check out your post still. :) happy mother's day, sweetie. Also very sweet song tribute & it was a lovely post by Kat. Enjoy those 50 shades books. ;) I did.

  2. That SNL skit is SO freakin' funny!!!!!! On Mother's Day I plan on drinkin' quite a few Debosas and starting book #2 of Fifty Shades of Grey. Let the S&M continue......

  3. Replies
    1. Your Indie post I mean, but I did love 50 Shades of Grey too!

  4. What is 50 Shades Of Grey? I must go look. That video was hilarious.

    Happy Mother's Day Randy!

  5. I'm intrigued by 50 Shades of Grey! But it took me, like, three years to finally start the Hunger Games. So it'll probably take me five to start 50 Shades.

  6. Your Mother's Day post at IC and your hilariously naughty post here were perfect because it shows why I love you: the brilliant balance of heart (at IC) and naughty (here).~


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