Friday, May 18, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Just because I can

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids. This one really snuck up on me because I have been at least a day behind all week long so my apologies for getting this up a little late today.

There is all sorts of chaos swirling around in Random Girl land right now but I will spare you the boring details and instead, treat you all to some mindless eye candy material.

One of my life-long girlfriends called me this week. She need my commitment. That I would accompany her to the this movie, Magic Mike. Of course, for no reason other than a complete sense of duty, I said yes. I'll find a way to suffer through it, but it will be tough. Channing and Matthew oiled up and shirtless? How will ever make it through?
Ladies, watch this trailer. Now.

You're Welcome.

Also, because she's awesome and knows I have a girl crush on her, Angie from Angie Uncovered had the sweetness to bestow this award on your's truly. Thanks for the blog loving Angie!  There weren't any rules posted for it so I'm doing nothing with it other than smiling at it with pride. I'm sure that's what was intended.


  1. WHOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEE thanks for starting my weekend off just right. Those boys are mighty fine!!!!

  2. If you and Angie hook up, can I watch?

  3. oh my lady bits. Holy hotness Channing. God was teasing women when he made only one of him! Why couldn't his mom have been the octomom...just popped out a ton of identical Channing's. MMMMMM

  4. it's about time somebody made a movie about MALE strippers! i can't wait to bust the balls of all the male dancers at my agency: "Why can't you be more like Magic Mike?" heh heh.

  5. My girlfriends and I are counting down to the release of this movie, we're making an event out of it! ha!

  6. This movie is on my to-see list as well. Simply for the sex candy. No idea what it's actually about. Congrats on your award!

  7. Oh dear GOD, I somehow missed reading this post before (I've read the others already and just catching up on comments now) and I'm so fucking glad that I did because it would have been at work and I don't have my vibrator there.

    Be back in a bit.

  8. "Channing Tatum IS....MAGIC MIKE."

    Oh, God. That's the greatest, cheesiest, wonderfullest film poster EVER.


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