Friday, April 27, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Crushin' It with Stefan

Another "Soft-Core Friday" is upon us. I'm still out frolicking on the beach in my white bikini but don't worry,   I left you in the very capable and surprisingly smooth hands of Stefan from Kreative Anythingz. We have had major blog crushes going on each for quite a while and I think it's getting serious...we only refer to each other with the sweetest of nicknames...right sugar buns??

Ahem. Back to the guest post. Today he lets us crawl inside the sticky inner workings of the male mind and what can happen when the planets align for one lucky dude. Enjoy!

Howdy doodly boys and girls!

Firstly thanks are in order to my Randy sweetheart for allowing me to slide myself gently into her tight, warm and totally addictive... blog. 

I'm usually found writing fiction somewhere else, but for today I'd like to reflect on something that I did, that I'm not totally proud of, but I had a whale of a time doing it. Men the world over would give their right testicle to do it too, as long as no one ever found out. 

I'll get straight to the point, and as a man, I shouldn't be divulging trade secrets though I feel compelled to discuss why us three-legged individuals find it super hard to be monogamous. 

It's because we are constantly 'super hard' too much, and often, not at the right times... Millions of me have the ability to get a boner with a mere thought, factor in the amount of women we see on our daily travels and, we have enough visual information for our own personal porno movie starring, well, every hot chick we can conjure up.  

Admittedly, I'm a victim of my own libido! I saw the opportunity to have sex with several different women in the space of 72hrs and I grabbed it, smothered it and secretly tried to recreate the experience with very little success (let's keep that last part between us please!). 

It all started on a Monday. 

I had a date after work and it went so well we ended up back at my place for some 'coffee'. I remember my date only having a sip before we were both completely naked drenched in each other’s sweat. 

I gave her a cuddle in the morning and we went our separate ways (yeah, I'm soooo thoughtful). 
My ex called me later that Tuesday asking me to pick something up from her place. Several hours later I was lifting her left leg to get a better angle, all the while I'm thinking "hey stud, that is two in less than 48hrs, massive pat on the back for you dude!" (I often talk to myself like that during sex. I say things like - "crush that pussy", “OH YEAH, YOU THE MAN”, “you better make her come at least twice, or else”, "no, I can't come yet, I wanna bend her over first"  - - PS: I'm currently at my parents house writing this, 'classy points for yours truly). 

So... It’s Tuesday and I’ve already crushed to vaginas and I’m still peckish. I make a phone call that lasts all of three minutes. Yeah, you guessed it a booty call! I’m riding the early hours of Wednesday now and somewhere in the mêlée of positions, orgasms and little white lies I’ve managed to freshen up for round three. 

Heading now to my third victim I barely get through the door before scented oil hits my bare skin and I’m doing things you really shouldn’t in the hallway of her parents house. I’m a terrible, terrible person I am that guy! Undeterred I give it my ‘A’ game, the ‘look at yourself during in the mirror game, the flex kiss your guns because you’ve got muscles, game.

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m three deep, and jonesing for more, and it’s at that point that I realise I have a serious problem, but I’m in the haze and ignore it. I call lucky contestant number 4 who happens to be the daughter of a good friend of mine who’s been putting it on me for a while and up until that point I hadn’t sniffed out the treasure. Like a P90X workout I, BRING IT. (Insert comic book: POW! WHAM! WAH-CHUM! KA-BLAAM!).

 I secretly in my quiet moments remember the guy I used to be with fond memories. He was a frikkin’ liability and could have stuck me with a plethora of STDs and diseases but for some unforeseen reason his cock must have been carved from stuff of legend because like the fountain of youth, it remains pure and untouched, even mythical.

Now I know I sounded completely over indulgent in those last few lines, well pretty much the entire way through this post, but I’ve never had the opportunity to write this stuff down and actually share it. And to be honest with you all, I only really got to Wednesday and there’s four more days in the week that I haven’t covered.

Well, hey, I’ve rattled on long enough and I’m sure you’re tired of me now, so I’ll stop there and say thanks for listening. I am Stefan and I’m a sexaholic...

And because no SCF post is complete without a song, Stefan loaded it up with "7 Days" by Craig David because like he showed above, sometimes there aren't enough days in the week to get your swerve on! 


  1. This was awesome! If we're airing secrets I'm done a 2 in less than 24 hour stint. I was 19, what the hell did I know?

    None of this made my jaw drop... except the "daughter of a good friend" part. I'm not sure whether I should ask questions while eating popcorn or say WTF dude?! Kudos for a great guest post!

  2. Hey, you get yours. I don't know a bout 4 in as many days but I don't think you are alone in having a sexual marathon. Kudos, buddy. Quite the SCF post!

  3. I had to get a few things off my chest...


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