Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The line forms here

Two posts in two days? Yeah, I're sick of me. No worries though because like yesterday's post asking for guest posts, today's isn't a real post either. The vacation slacking has officially begun!

Thanks to all of you that expressed interest in getting on top of Random Girl. I'm flattered...really! I was only going to schedule a post or two but I  might have all sorts of fun stuff for you guys if I can get all the guest posts coordinated before I leave.

I'm excited to have so many fun kids house sitting for me while I'm gone. Just stay out of the liquor cabinet, clean up after yourselves, and make sure the sheets are washed before I come home OK?

In other fun news, I opened my mail while stuck on the interstate for 30+ minutes yesterday and had a big box of  sexy goodness from my friends at Masque waiting for me. They really are too sweet to me!

I got a super cute little black cami, a T-shirt, all sorts of writing material (do they know me or what?!?) and a pile of new samples including Chocolate and Strawberry flavors which I have yet to try. I think they are trying to get in my pants... oh wait...maybe they want me in theirs...

Either way, I like free swag so we can at least be friends.


  1. Very cool! You deserve it. You provided a detailed review. I need to look into buying and trying some of this.

  2. More product to try! Lucky lucky girl. You're officially a Masque maven now.

  3. Very nice. Golly, I wish something like that would happen to me. Of course the likely hood of a company like Masque sending a package like that to my house would be like seeing President Obama throwing a string of firecrackers into the hallway at a Florida retirement village. Sure it would be good for a few yuks but probably not a good idea. Enjoy, do some good research and I'll live vicariously through you darlin.

  4. Bring on the reviews girl. All of us old, married chicks need a little bit of somethin', somethin' every now and then to spice things up ya know.

  5. mmmmmmm. randy's t-shirted hot...

  6. Grrreat Swag! I'll write mine up and get back with you.

  7. Yay for sexy swag! I can't wait to read about more reviews. ;)

  8. Free stuff = epic win for Masque.


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