Monday, March 5, 2012

Woah, how did that happen?

That is the question I woke up asking myself this morning in response to the events of this weekend. Let's review shall we?

Friday night was supposed to be low key with Jr. High Crush meeting up early and having a carry out dinner and movie night at my place. Then a friend called me with a family crisis and I found myself babysitting unexpectedly for two kids when I didn't even have my own. That set us back about 3 hours so no dinner, just a movie.

And then super hot foreplay followed by (very mediocre) sex. This is a bummer to me because I had just convinced myself to try to "leap" and then this little roadblock presents itself. I'm not shallow and know sex isn't everything but I also know myself well enough to know that it's a really important part of a relationship for me and if it's not good and there's little chance of it getting better for reasons beyond either of our control, I'm going to get really restless really quickly. I'm still trying to figure out what, if anything, this changes. Stay tuned.

Saturday I rocked out a girl's night. And by rocked out, I mean drank way more than I ever normally do, stupidly mixed what I was drinking, danced my ass off, and came home and puked. And then suffered a hangover on Sunday morning the likes of which I haven't experienced since the tragic Goldschlager incident of 1997.  It was truly not one of my brighter moves.

This massive and most unwelcome hangover resulted in a missed church service, a broken brunch date, and two missed workout classes at the gym. I was not excited about missing any of that to stay home and feel like complete ass hunkered down in my darken bed room/cave. The oddest thing is that I was feigning for a fountain Diet Pepsi like a crackhead needing a hit. Which the Twin ended up coming to my door with in the mid-afternoon hours.

I know, I know... the Twin. I was supposed to have a completely friendly-ex brunch with him and had to call and cancel when I thought I was going to pass out and/or throw up in the shower as I was attempting to get ready to go. He was actually pretty sweet and presented no obvious agenda by being nice to me. He brought my diet Pepsi, hung out on the other end of the couch for an hour, and hit the road. No harm, no foul. Or at least it appears to be innocent at this moment, time will tell if he holds it against me down the road.

So yeah, not sure how any or all of those things ended up shaking out how they did but I can't make this stuff up kids... Hero, I felt like you this weekend, I think you are rubbing off on me!


  1. Hero + "Rubbing Off" = I'm not gonna go there.

    But hey, if you have a passport, YOU can go there...

  2. I'm telling you, you are my freaking hero.

    And hello..for women everywhere...DO NOT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRE SEX! EVER!

  3. It appears as if someone has to party, I didn't drink a drop of alcohol so fate seems to see fit to pour it down your throat instead.

    Mediocre sex is horrible second only to bad sex. I'm going to have to agree with Rita, life is too short to settle for mediocre sex.

    I do like Brandon's idea of you coming here to visit, just wait a while though, we are getting heaps of snow at the moment. Although if you like alpine sports now is a great time. I rode waist deep powder all weekend.

    Later Days Randy and thanks for the shout out.

  4. You wild woman you! Hangovers are the worst. Been a lonnnng time since I had one of those thankfully. Hey, you had fun though.

  5. Sounds like my superbowl hangover. Mediocre sex is never good. If this was try #1, give him another go.

  6. I'm a fountain Diet Pepsi kind of girl too when I have a hangover. It just seems to perk you up a bit. Sure hope that mediocre sex turns into rockin' hot sex real soon!!!!

  7. Your Sunday DOES sound like my Monday! Only difference is that you were totally responsible and drank too much on Saturday. Not Sunday. WHEN I HAD TO WORK IN THE MORNING. You totally win that round.

    I'm with Michael -- you really like him, so give him another go! If it's still fizzling...well...
    *walks off singing 'Hit the Road, Jack'*

  8. Story of my fucking life (before I had a kid)!!!! I cringed about the mediocre sex. Maybe skip the foreplay and just go at it so that nothing has to build up and it's just given the chance to explode. Did you by any chance write a poem while you were drunk? :) #bloggingundertheinfluence!

  9. Hahahahaha, this delights me on many levels. Nice to know you can revert back to uninhibited nonsense now and then. Thank goodness. You have been so mature and responsible lately it has been making me a bit uneasy. And you know I'm really all about easy.

  10. bah. sundays are MADE for puking and missing workout classes ;)

  11. I had a similar weekend, minus the mediocre sex. Or ANY sex, for that matter. Actually, I drank way too much also on Saturday night. Unlike you, I couldn't cancel my FAMILY DAY at the ZOO! So there I was, hungover and rough looking, with a billion screaming kids. At least you got a Diet Pepsi! All I could drink was water! I agree with Rita, you're definitely my hero and we should NEVER settle for mediocre sed. Like, EVER! ;)

  12. I'll recommend one more go at the sex since first time jitters can affect performance.

    As for the rest? Well, sometimes we just need to tie one and drink to a regrettable level, love. ;)


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