Friday, March 9, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - It's Friday already?

I have a hard time believing it is already Friday but if you say so than it must be true.

I think this week has been extra grueling as karmic payback for my last weekend. It's insult to the horrendous hangover injury if you ask me. The boss lady was in town for part of the week which meant that I was forced to be in the office and be smiley and smart. I didn't like any of that. But it's part of the gig so I played along and was brilliant of course.

Speaking of brilliant, I started a new gig yesterday. Well, it's an additional gig to my normal day job but I am way more excited about this one than my other, that's for sure! I'm working with an awesome guy at an awesome company doing an awesome job. It's awesome in case you didn't pick up on that. I'm finally excited about my work again! Hooray!

On a not so awesome note, the Princess has some sort of mutant stomach virus kicking her butt right now so I spent most of Thursday holding her hair as she puked and clorox/lysoling/washing in hot water everything in my house. Not fun. But it did make me very thankful that days of sickness are the exception and not the rule for her. I don't know how parents with seriously ill children find the strength to get through it everyday. For real.

I'm hoping that the nausea that I am feeling right now can be blamed on something other than her sharing her cooties with me. Fingers crossed on that one because it would suck to be puking two weekends in a row.

This "Soft-Core Friday" is different from most of my other Friday posts, but there is a good reason for that so hear me out.

I'm sure by now you have all heard/seen something about the Kony 2012 movement. I am usually the first to snub my nose at things that are trending on Twitter or consistently being shared on Facebook but I took the time to actually watch this video and do my homework on the situation. And I am moved by what I have seen and heard. You will be too if you take the 30 minutes to watch this video and then educate yourself on what is going on and why you should care.

Not only is this specific human rights crisis being highlighted, but the power and impact of social media and a small, dedicated group of people are actually effecting real change and altering the course of the future. It is playing out in real time and I for one find it fascinating on several levels.

Whether you decide to join the Kony 2012 movement or not is up to you. But I hope at the very least, you will be inspired to find a cause that you care about, and take action to see change happen.


  1. That video made me cry for about 20 minutes straight. That little boy Gavin is freaking adorable. I spread the word about it but when a friend of mine went on to get a kit the T-shirts, kits, and other items were all sold out. I suppose that is a good thing though. :) I think you can still donate though. I'm glad it is getting attention. That man deserves to never rest and constantly be looking over his shoulder until he is arrested.

  2. I hope your princess is doing much better and that you didn't catch it! You're a trooper for hanging on when you felt so hungover -at work. But I guess you had no choice right? Play hard, PAY hard. :)

  3. I hope the Princess if finally feeling better. =( On a brighter note though I'm very happy that my darling RandyGirl is excited about her work again. =)

  4. Stomach viruses are the absolute WORST! I hope Princess is already back to her normal self!


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