Friday, February 10, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - Jr. High Dreams edition

Happy SCF kids! Unfortunately today I am not writing this as I prepare to jet off for my weekend in Vegas, I am writing this as I am still trying to recover from my last weekend in Vegas, much less fun than this time last week I assure you!

So as I mentioned in my Vegas Deconstructed post, I ended up front row at Motley Crue at the Hard Rock on Sunday night. It was an awesome way to wrap up my trip to sin city.

Now some of you may not get why this was such a treasured moment for me, others of you get it perfectly. See, I was in Jr. High when Motley Crue was huge. Like beyond huge. Like "biggest hair metal band on the planet" huge. At least to a Jr. High girl they were. I slow danced my way through "Home Sweet Home" and "Without You" more times than I can remember. And I loved every second of it.

So when Tommy Lee descended from the sky with his sparkly baby grand piano and started up the first few notes of "Home Sweet Home" my 8th grade heart melted all over again. Despite the many, many years between then and now, it was just as awesome as I remembered it, only now I was slow dancing in the Hard Rock and they were playing live in front of me.

See?? Now do you get it??? Yes!

To add to the Jr. High dreams theme, I have my first official date with my Jr. High crush on Saturday night. Either I fell back in a time warp or the stars have aligned in a long overdue way. Either way, I'm having fun riding out this little piece of nostalgia.

So to the spandex wearing, big hair, rocker screams of the past.... I devil horn salute you and look forward to our next slow dance!

Join me on my little trip down memory lane if you care to... today's SCF videos are "Home Sweet Home" and "Without You" ....and then a little "Kickstart my Heart" just for fun!

On a side note, the band I saw Sunday bore very little resemblance visually to the band appearing in the videos below, but the still sounded exactly the same! And I still wouldn't kick Tommy Lee out of my bed...just sayin!

Oh and p.s. my daughter was watching the "Home Sweet Home" video over my shoulder and asked me "Mommy, why are those boys wearing girls stuff??"  Oh honey, it was a very different time.... sigh....


  1. I about swoon every time Tommy starts playing Home Sweet Home. Love that song. I have to admit there is something to be said for throwing that hand up in the air and throttling to "Kick Start My Heart" with thousands of people, too. I adore them live! So glad that you got a chance to live out a memory of days past! :) Rock on, sister.

  2. Loooooove me some Tommy Lee. After reading The Heroin Diaries I have a ton of respect for Nikki Sixx. If you havent... read it!

  3. Funny, I tried doing the hair thing like the Crue back in the late 80's and early 90's, and it just didn't work.

    I had a better experience with the 'Fresh Prince fade...'

  4. I'm voting for the "stars have aligned" option. The concert! The date! The boys wearing girls' clothes! It's so romantic!

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  6. "Oh honey, it was a very different time.... sigh...."

    'nuf said...

  7. Love, love, love Home Sweet Home! Your daughter's question was priceless! :)

  8. Great songs and it brings back some happy memories...

  9. Random Girl, You are my new hero. To show my age, I saw Motley Crue Shout at the Devil tour when they opened for Ozzy.

  10. This is how I would feel about seeing John Bender from The Breakfast Club. I was about five when I first saw it, but I was in little girl love.

  11. @Jewels: Yes, there was swooning, lots of swooning!

    @Michael: Tommy Lee has been my rocker crush for so long, he and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, then, definitely not now. The years have not been kind.

    @Lost: I love the Fresh Prince fade, did you zig zag your eye brows too ala Vanilla Ice? You could so rock that!

    @Nicki: I like the the stars have aligned vote, I'm going with that!

    @Bruce & Yvonne: indeed...she could never understand the complexity

    @G: all my memories are set to music, I have an awesome life soundtrack

    @Barfly: wow, hero status? I accept!

    @Nellie: Ohhh. John Bender. The rebel bad boy with the heart of gold...and the fist pump on the football field is a truly iconic moment. I'm with you.

  12. Oh dear, can you imagine if The Princess saw Twisted Sister?


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