Friday, February 3, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - about to be going H.A.M. in Vegas

Happy SCF kids! I am happy to announce that the Vegas countdown is now down to a matter of hours. I could not be more ready for this little adventure.

Tomorrow I will be waking up in Vegas, assuming that I actually go to sleep at some point after I fly in tonight. I'm thinking that sleep is not likely for the next few days as Blog Boy has a full day jump on me and has already scouted a party plan for us for pretty much every minute of the entire weekend. I'm not complaining. At last text, he was running the craps table like he owned it. That is good news!

Last trip, I took on the challenge you kids gave me of  the Vegas Truth-or-Dare game and while fun, I don't think I'll be that ambitious this time around. I do plan on live tweeting so you can join in the shenanigans if you follow me on the Twitters @randomgirlblog.

In the spirit of the forthcoming fun, today I'm leaving you with a clip from Vegas Vacation. It pretty much highlights what can go wrong if you try hard enough or are foolish enough to bring your kids along. Enjoy!


  1. Kids and Vegas?


    Have fun, hun! If you make it out of the hotel room for an extended period of time, we'd love to see pictures!


    Ahem. Sorry. I just am really, really excited for the live tweeting. I have to make popcorn. And margaritas. And maybe set up a portable craps table or something. AHHHHH GET IN VEGAS ALREADY!

  3. Live tweets.. YES!!! Have an awesome time!

  4. ahhhh Vegas....i'm so jealous - have fun!


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