Friday, January 27, 2012

"Soft-Core Friday" - When A Guy C*ck blocks Himself at the Worst Possible Time

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! I'm not sure what is up but this week has been one of the longest and most annoying weeks in recent history so I for one am beyond thrilled to see it teetering on the edge of being gone. Good riddance suck-ass week!

I was hoping to have my super-awesome review of my Masque use experience (the oral sex enhancer, in case you missed the previous history on this lovely product, click here) but low and behold, Twin decided that instead of enjoying a night of oral pleasure as I tested out the various flavor samples that the company sent me, he would rather cock block himself and pick a fight with me. Excellent choice sir. Instead of having assisted me in completing my "research" I was all geared up to do, he enjoyed the cold shoulder the entire night.

Now, in his defense, he's not a complete idiot. He didn't purposely blow the opportunity to be on the receiving end of my research, he had no idea what I was planning. I am assuming that had he been clued in prior to his arrival, he would have taken a slightly different tone with me for the evening, just a hunch.

So the research and review of Masque are still pending but I assure you, will be completed soon, one way or the other. I'm a crafty girl, I'll figure out a way to make it happen.

Did I mention I leave for Vegas exactly one week from today???

In more fun news, a big thanks to Brandon (aka Ida_homie on the twitters, follow him, he's funny) for his shout out to your's truly on his post today about bad hotel sex. Get over there and read it.

Today's SCF featured video is from none other than the amazingly sexy and hilarious  Lady Estrogen. She completely rocked this video and it's sexy and emotional and awesome. If you don't follow Lady E or her work, you need to. She has more inappropriate stories than I do, that's why I love her!

Enjoy "Hangover Square"


  1. If he only knew!!! They usually never do.

    Thanks for posting my video, hun. YAY!!


  2. Or like me, the expect and hope for it more often than they actually get it...

    I'm in Vegas right now! It's gorgeous and warm. The city is ready for you...

  3. I need to get some samples as well. Always need 2 groups to compare. =]

  4. Yes, Vegas is one week away and I am as excited as you are, even without having known that the experiment has yet to be experimented. You know BlogBoy is there for ya, right darlin'?

    Hang in there. We are going to have nothing but fun all weekend long. Vegas is awesome. Vegas with you is beyond awesome!!

  5. VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been, so I keep living vicariously through other people's trips. Post pics if you get 'em!

  6. And here I thought 'You Tube' was just about dogs saying 'I love you' or those 'Charlie bit me!' videos. But, still, it IS 'You Tube.' How else to explain her bra still being on when they're doing the wild thing?
    I once cock-blocked myself. I spent the rest of the evening all pissed off that I blew (no pun intended, thankfully) my chances.
    And, during my teens, I even cock-blocked myself. With myself. I was so upset with me I wouldn't even talk to me for the rest of the night.
    Thankfully, I called myself the next morning and made up.
    But, nobody could use the bathroom for an hour and my father wanted to know, "Who the frik is using all the damn toilet paper??"

  7. I'll never argue with The Mrs. again. I don't want to ruin any potential "research."

  8. I hope he realises his own stupidity....enjoy Vegas!

  9. S.O. needs to reference in his next "cock blocking yourself" piece. Twin wins the dunce award. *le sigh*


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