Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Screw Up Fairy strikes again

I'm aggravated. I'm in trouble again. Apparently Twin has expectations that I'm supposed to meet, which is cool, except that I don't know what those expectations are until I fail to meet them and then he's mad and/or pouty. Really dude? Let's play fair shall we?

I won't go into the details of this particular incident because really it's almost too stupid to bother typing. But I can tell you this isn't the first time I've been on the receiving side of a tantrum because I failed to meet expectation. I'm kind of over it.

While I was venting my frustration with Jewels and Alyssa on Twitter this evening, this song came up on my playlist on Spotify and really, it's pretty perfect for the mood this situation has put me in at the moment.  It's "Sleep to Dream" by Fiona Apple. It's a good F' You song and I rather connected with it today.

My favorite lines?
Don't make it a big deal
Don't be so sensitive
We're not playing a game anymore
You don't have to be so defensive.

Amen, Fiona... Amen!

I agreed to keep our dinner plans despite my annoyance. The plan was to continue our discussion then. But as I was typing this, he texted me to change plans again... dinner with his fam.  I shit you not. Umm no thanks.

Maybe I'll just stay in with a good playlist and a bottle of something for the night. Sounds quite nice!


  1.'re dating a woman... and a whiny bitch at that...

    And not to bash women. Most don't play these games anymore (which I'm grateful for) but being punished for reasons unknown seems like a pretty low thing to do.


  2. Your blog is very interesting Random. Maybe because it talks about sex :)
    You would an awesome addition to the "Super Hot Blogging Diva" list on my blog. Check it out, give it a shot.

  3. When the hell is your Vegas trip again?

  4. Ugh...this guy. Smh. I do hope he's worth all this trouble and/or gets over himself at some point because honestly he sounds very immature. I realize we are only getting one small part of one side of the story, but if he isn't happy with who you are then perhaps he'd be happier...alone? Just a thought...

    Nothin wrong with having a 'you' night if that's what you need. Have some bubbly ('s all good) and blast your favorite tunes. Deal with this dude another day. :)

  5. @Lost: You always know just the perfect thing to say to me...

    @Barfly: Yes, I'm awesome because my blog talks about sex. I'm super-awesome because it's my sex, not hypothetical or imaginary. That counts for double. Now put me on your f'ing list already! lol

    @Wow: Not soon enough... Who knows, I could end up being single for Vegas and then shit will really get bananas!

  6. Holy crap Random. Top of the list. Top of the list. I am bowing to your hotness!!

  7. I'm all for trying to be flexible to a point but I'm not going to bend over backwards or be at anyone's beck and call. There are a couple of requisites for me and the men in my life. They cannot be drama queens who play games and they can't take longer to get ready than I do. Easy right...well one would think.
    Great song by the way.

  8. You know, I was just having this same conversation with a friend yesterday about how people in our lives have expectations of us but we don't find out until we've disappointed them. I get it. It's a human being thing. We can't help it. BUT we can be responsible for it. I am sorry but he needs to get over it. And I hope you stayed home and had a good night on your own and maybe with a little Fiona. xo

  9. I agree with Lost's comment! :)

  10. Ugh that sucks...some time to yourself with good music and good wine sounds just right!

  11. I'm with Brandon. Twin needs to MAN up. You have far too much awesome going on to deal with his tantrums. I'd say have a convo with him stating that he needs to either voice his expectations or not pout when you don't meet them (because they weren't voiced. If it continues... he needs to take a walk.

  12. I have to echo everyone's comments that Lost pretty much nailed it.

  13. I feel left out not chiming in on the advice but I am an advice TRAIN WRECK. So: Nights in? Sometimes they're exxxxxxxactly what the doctor ordered.

    Um. No. I didn't mean anything by all those X's. SEE? THIS IS WHY I CAN'T GIVE ADVICE!


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