Friday, January 6, 2012

The return of "Soft-Core Friday" - Naked Break Time and Snuggle Punches

Happy "Soft-Core Friday"! Yes, it's finally back! I know it has been a minute but let's do this shall we?

So I'll get to the Snuggle Punch thing in a minute, but first, I'm going to go for the fun stuff if you don't mind.

So you kids know how much I enjoy "the morning quickie" but if you forget, click on the link for a refresher. I have also decided that I quite enjoy the afternoon delight. Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I was unfamiliar with it or opposed to it until recently, it was just that I was never with someone that had the flexibility in his schedule to get in on the quality time in the middle of the day. But Twin does. And I'm liking it.

Yesterday, Twin offered to bring me lunch and then have a work-from-home afternoon together. It was a good offer so I took him up on it. Lunch was delicious and we both worked diligently for the bulk of the afternoon at our respective job duties. And then it was break time. So we took a break. A naked break at that.  Needless to say, break time ran a little over as we got....distracted.

But it was so totally worth having to work late to finish up what I had left undone prior to our break. And we will be doing it again. Frequently if I get my way. Which I usually do. *wink*

Now, onto the more humorous part of SCF... the Snuggle Punch.  It's a movement that came about as recently as yesterday as a result of a conversation with my Sweet Kat on the Twitter.  I invite you to stand with us and Snuggle Punch anyone that deserves it.

Here's how it started:

Is it wrong that I want to punch the Snuggle bear straight in the face every time the commercial comes on? 

 Is it wrong that I punch a random person straight in the face every time the Snuggle commercial comes on?

 From now on whenever someone pisses us off we shall say 'Do you want a random snuggle punch, asshole?'

 Oh that's an excellent idea. I guess really anyone would do as the recipient of the Snuggle punch.

I really do hate that Snuggle bear. He enrages me with his fluffy sweetness. He truly makes me want to Snuggle punch him, or a random passerby, every single time the commercial comes on. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Join the Snuggle Punch movement! 

And if you aren't following Kat and I on Twitter, you can see the quality fun you are missing out on so get on it OK??

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! I hope you find a shenanigan-filled way to spend it! 


  1. Haha, my variation of the Snuggle Punch differs. It's usually of me in bed, post coitus, and I say something stupid to get me punched.

    I tend to do that from time to time. Nothing ever serious, but some comments do warrant a punch. Even if it's one of affection.

    But I like where this is going. Can we randomly punch anyone who smells like a dryer sheet?

  2. I like Snuggle...a little.


  3. I totally thought the "Snuggle Punch" was related to afternoon delights. I would end up in jail for sure. Glad to see you're recovering from the reverb and getting back to your thing. :-)

  4. I follow you both and don't know how I missed that because I feel VERY strongly about that f'ing Snuggle bear...I just don't like him. I thought I was safe for a while there because they weren't really airing commercials but I've noticed they are back again and do not like it!

    I am totally aboard the Snuggle Punch train. I will be sure to inform you lovely ladies, via twitter, when I snuggle punch a fool.

  5. We need to keep this #snugglepunch train rollin'--WE'RE TAKING THIS WORLDWIDE, BABY!!!

  6. Hee! The Snuggle Punch! I love it!


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