Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do you have a price? These people think so...

What's your price?

"Price for what?" you are probably asking. And rightly so. According to, every person has their price for what a date with them is worth. And they are bold enough to let you name your price, and even make your date pre-pay to spend time with you. Clever or insanity? You decide.

The tagline is that they "Buy & Sell First Dates". So, kind of like ebay, only for people to go on a date with? I'm not sure but I'll check it out in further detail and let you know what I find. I'm intrigued and slightly horrified.

They have the site split into two segments: one for the "Generous Users" and one for the "Attractive Users".  I think "users" is the operative term here.

I can't take credit for stumbling onto this gem. I owe my...thanks... to Anderson Cooper (aka the Silver Fox) for spotlighting this useful little nugget.

Here's a little snippet from their website:

As for the attractive singles who are tired of wasting their time dating losers, we have thousands of generous gentlemen (and women), waiting to take you out on a real date. Even if your date turns out to be a dud, you will be compensated for your time. is taking the science out of dating, because really it’s all about economics. Dating is about supply and demand, quality over quantity. We know what it takes to capture the attention of a beautiful girl, but after that first date, the rest is up to you.
So, what’s your price?

Now as for credibility of the site, I can't speak to that other than what they have self-promoted. But here are a few of the blogs they say they support so do the math..
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  1. I thought that was only legal in Nevada and Amsterdam. Go figure. How does it run for a 25 year old clean white girl with long blonde hair?

  2. Well. Huh. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I've gone out with enough guys that really only wanted to get into my pants, not get to know me. This could potentially screen out the idiots just hoping for a cheap thrill I suppose. Then again, I'm not sure I want to feel like a prositute.

  3. Oh my GOD! As someone who is struggling through numerous emails from plenty of fish that leave something to be desired, THIS takes the cake. ha! Anderson Cooper? Tell me he wasn't considering it. lol

  4. A date with me is worth a ka-jillion dollars! Yes, it's worth so much that I had to make up a word. Because I'm a HIGH CLASS whore!

  5. I just checked it out. Yeah, it looks like an easy end-around for prostitution. One of the media videos showed profiles and it was totally like looking in the back of weekly alternative newspaper at the classifieds. I wouldn't want to be on either end of this deal. I'm sure there are plenty of legitimate profiles on there too but it doesn't make sense. Who wants to waste time for a free dinner and $40-$100?

    With that said RG, I'll let you take me out for a mere $20. Hair-pull included.

  6. Do I have a price well I would have said no bloody way but now I have to think maybe I do and just do not know could I not know it don't I know these things about myself I thought I did but maybe I don't how do I find out if I have a price, does someone have to make an offer for me to find out you have raised so many questions that I am now gettig a headache thinking about it......bloody hell why did you have to raise this question it is going to bother me for how long well really until I move onto the next

  7. doesn't the price depend on who's asking?

  8. This is awesome and awful all at the same time.

    Sadly, it's mostly based on looks. I'm a great listener, funny, witty, and love showing a girl a great time. Looks-wise, I'm probably a 6. I'd have trouble going for $5...

  9. I'm so uncomfortable and confused. What ever happened to rubbing your groin up against a girl's back on the dance floor, force-feeding her drinks, and clubbing her over the head to get her back to your place? The purity of the dating game is being lost, and I'm mourning for it

  10. Doesn't the price change depending on who's asking? I mean really will a date cost me the same as it costs Jonah Hill?

  11. @barfly, Lost, & Jason: I'm not sure how the pricing is determined. I don't think there is a standard market value. I think each of the "Attractive Users" sets their own price and then the "Generous Users" decide if they want to pay what is being asked. Maybe they negotiate behind the scenes, I'm not sure to be honest.

    @Haven & Rita: You know, I have had actually come home from dates and said to myself "that was a waste of having to pay a babysitter!" So I can almost make a case for requiring at least what it takes to pay the sitter for me to take a chance on a first date but I still don't like the idea of it.

    @Kat & Lazi: No one said it's for hookers... but... paying for a date kinda sorta means...
    And Kat you are for sure worth a Kajillion dollars for a date, take nothing less!

    @Wow: Umm.. you aren't understanding the roles of "Attractive Users" vs. "Generous Users" in this equation darling! I set the price, but I like the hair pull kicker

    @Jo-Anne: Sorry to make you do so much introspective thinking dear, hope you sort it all out. No judgement here!

    @Alyssa: I know, the purest form of dating is being automated and pay-per-play, takes all the fun out of the dance floor molestation model.

  12. Holy moly, I'm gonna go find Alyssa next time she's out clubbin'!

  13. I feel gross just reading about it. I'm glad I'm married! I don't think I would be cool with being paid for. To each their own I suppose!

  14. Wow...just wow. I love that silver fox but the idea of this makes me feel dirty. I just got out of the shower and want to get back in. I'm not sure I could take $ for date. Is it sick I want to go to the link and check it out though!? The world scares me sometimes.

  15. How has no one mentioned Sugar Daddy Arrangements yet? SUGAR DADDY ARRANGEMENTS, PEOPLE.

    Though at first glance, I thought they sold edible arrangements of those Sugar Daddy candies. Or, like, pimp-themed bouquets.


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