Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the Shenanigans

Wow, I'm having a hard time getting back on the self-motivated posting wagon after having the great reverb11 prompts spoon fed to me for a solid month. That was kind of nice, I have to admit. But I shall do my best to keep you kids entertained all by my big girl self for a while.

Because I was so busy playing along with reverb11 like a good girl, I neglected to fill you in on any of the personal situs going on during that time. And let's face it, we both know you just read RG because of the shenanigans.

So the month of December brought a few interesting things my way. First, an  update on Twin. We are still together. (Yes, I hear the collective gasp). We didn't holiday together with the families because, as I did share at the time, my ex hubs moved in for a few days and we got to play pretend with each other's families because we are still awesome like that. Bringing the Twin along with the ex hubs would have probably been a little awkward. We still celebrated, we just had our own little thing going on. I kind of prefer it that way to be honest.

We kept it low key for NYE, dinner, drinks, and rang in the New Year in proper style... in bed. Let's just say the fireworks show downtown was well-timed. It made for some awesome bad jokes later in the night. We crack ourselves up!

Here's the problem with Twin, I have finally figured it out, I really really like him when we are in bed. It's when we are functioning in real life that I'm not so sure about things. Is it possible to turn a boyfriend back into a boy toy? Because if so, that would be awesome. I'm thinking it probably won't work that way though. More on that thought process in a later post.

And it wouldn't be a shenanigans post without Fireman right? Well, no worries, I behaved myself despite having temptation literally show up at my front door. I thought about it for a minute... like really thought about it. But alas, it didn't happen. Stupid morals! They get in the way and F up my whole program sometimes!

And speaking of shenanigans....I booked my Vegas trip today! I don't know that Vegas is ready for Blog Boy and I to be there tearing it up together, but we shall see. You all will be the first to know if it's still standing when we are done!


  1. Are you going to be doing a "Tour de Vegas" with pictures and tweets like last time? That was fun...

  2. "Good Kat"-the bitch who has been dominating my brain lately--is very proud of you not giving into Fireman temptation, my love. I've never met the guy but something about him makes me want to kill him every time he slinks near my RandyGirl.

    God knows I'm shit when it comes to relationships, but maybe you and Twin just need some time. I'm pretty sure--from what people tell me--that most relationships aren't an instant, perfect fit, and he SEEMS like he wants to try based on the Princess' birthday pressie and all, so maybe a bit of patience might help. <---totally the pot calling the kettle black since I am the the MOST impatient creature in the world.

  3. Far be it from me, but if in the end this person is more useful or enjoyable in bed, and less...fill in the adjective...when you are out and about outside of bed, it will eventually even out. I mean at some point he will either strike you as somebody you loving spending non-bed time with, or it will become clear to you both that the "official" status doesn't have a long shelf life.

    In short I don't think you have much to be concerned about at this point. Sounds like the sort of thing that will eventually work into whatever it is supposed to be.

  4. That is great news about you booking your Vegas Trip I hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. I'm curious to know why you don't like him so much outside of the bedroom. You were attracted to him before without the bedroom? Did it fizzle out? I'm really curious because I've been in similiar situation. In my story, I didn't like him very much. The bedroom, yes, public, hell to the NO! lol Meh!

  6. @Lost & Jo-Anne: I'm not sure how I'll approach this Vegas trip yet but I agree that it was fun to do the live tweet thing last trip...perhaps I'll do it again!

    @Kat: You always want the best for me my sweet Kat and I do love you for that. And as for your being shit at relationships, I'm calling you out on that because I happen to know that your current S.O. is quite happy with you...

    @Ty & Yvonne: I think maybe I'm not being quite fair to Twin on the "out of bed" side of things. Things are fine. We go out together, have a good time at dinner and drinks, he is cool just hanging out here when I have Princess. He really does deserve some credit for those things.
    It's when he clicks into "entertainment" mode at has to be the life of the party, changes to fit the groups of friends we are with, and just generally seems to be whatever the situation calls for as opposed to being steadfastly himself in all situations. That is why I am apprehensive. It makes me think he is insecure in some ways and I'm not one to cater to an ego or pump someone up. I prefer confidence.

  7. Vegas will be a trip! (no pun intended)

    As for Twin, I agree with Kat. Try some patience (which I also lack), wait it out a bit and see how it goes.

  8. Boy toys and Fireman? Why do I feel like I just sat down in an all male review? Are there going to be sausages and men dressed like indians coming out in a minute? No, but seriously glad to see you back at it. ;-)

  9. You truly live a rock and roll lifestyle. I dig it. I love Vegas! I'm sure that will be a phenomenal trip. What a perfect place to just have fun, ignore all morals and do whatever you desire.

  10. I don't know the background of any of these stories but I'm already intrigued!

  11. goddamn morals, they ruin everything. so please ditch yours before you head to vegas lol ;)


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