Monday, December 12, 2011

reverb11 catch up - Days 9-12 Disappointment, Beauty, and things that won't be coming with me into 2012

I took a few days off to play and enjoy some real life so I'm playing catch up today as to not be deemed the "reverb11 slacker" as that would just suck. Here is the quick and dirty on days 9-12.

Day 9: Disappointment - What was the one disappointment that has turned out to be a blessing in the last 12 months? How will this affect how you deal with disappointment in the future?
One of my goals for this year was to move back to the city I was living in prior to ending up where I am now. I had all the plans in place for a move to, and then it fell apart right before the move was supposed to happen. 

For a minute, I let all of the other hopes I had pinned on being contingent on the move happening fall apart too. Luckily I realized that the other things I wanted weren't tied to a new location, they were tied to me having a new perspective on where I was right now. I'm still working on it, but I know it's more about my outlook than the view out my window, at least for the time being. 

Day 10: Beauty - Describe a moment of beauty that you witnessed this year.
This year, I have tried to take a moment in each day to find something beautiful. It has come in many forms and some have surprised me. Some days it's something expected like a beautiful sunset or a perfect blue sky. Other days it has been a song with really amazing lyrics that has struck me. Still other days have been the words that other people have shared with me, either in a post, a telephone conversation, or in a book. It's been awesome to realize how much beauty is around me when I really started paying attention to it. 

Day 11: What do you wish you had done more of in 2011?
I can honestly say that there are few things that I feel I left undone in 2011. Pretty much everything on my "wish list" has been checked off. If there was one thing I wish I would have done more of though it would probably be to spend more time really talking with my friends face-to-face. I have a few really cherished friends that live too far away to meet for coffee or even do an overnight visit with and I miss seeing their smiling faces dearly! Email is good, the phone serves it's purpose, but being able to see them live and in person just can't be beat! 

Day 12: 12 Things - What are 12 things your life doesn’t need in 2012? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 12 things change your life? (Props to original Author: Sam Davidson)  If you did Reverb10, how are you making out on your 11 Things from last year?
1. drama with the ex hubs: There has been an uptick in this area since the intro of Twin into the situation. I'm done talking about it, it's not his business. 
2.  More stuff for my closets, cupboards, storage: I have too much stuff and not enough room. I need to sort, filter, and remove, not replace with more stuff. 
3. Caffeine: this is a tough one for me but I have already cut way back on caffeine intake this year and hope to eliminate it all together for next year. 
4. Cable news: too much anxiety and depressing news to have in my face all the time. The 24 hour news cycle is highly overrated
5. Politics: this won't be easy with an election year but I think getting rid of #4 will help me keep from getting buried in rhetoric and mud slinging
6. Groupon & Living Social: as much as I love getting a good deal and trying new things, I have spent way too much on things I really don't need just because they are conveniently sent to my inbox each morning
7. Feeling guilty for enjoying myself: enough said. This goes for anything from cupcakes to travel to sex. If I am enjoying myself, I done feeling guilty or second guessing myself. 
8. Investing more than I get in return: whether it's relationships with a man, my family, or an organization, I'm doing running myself ragged to please someone when I don't get the same (or any) effort in return. 
9. Jealousy: especially when it comes to wanting what other people have because I feel like they are doing it right and I'm behind the curve on something. I'm competitive in the wrong way sometimes. I need to be content with my situation as it is. 
I'm going to leave the last 3 open as "TBD" because I'm sure that I will have a few more moments of clarity for items that need to be gone from my life for 2012 between now and the end of the year. 
10. TBD
11. TBD
12. TBD


  1. I have to agree with 2, 6, and 8. And I like that you TBD'd the last 3. I've got 9 so far and these last 3 aren't coming to me. I might need to borrow those TBDs! At first I thought 12 isn't enough!

  2. I like how you piled them all together and caught up in one fatal swoop. I am a firm believer that you shouldn't feel guilt for things that make you feel good. ;-)

  3. i like your list for 2012. i want to make mine look exactly like that!

  4. I haven't read it yet but i had to comment on something. When I was at the TEDx event, there was a woman who spoke, she was awesome. Very passionate. Extremely knowledgeable and very much pissed off about how people use the term "in real life" to describe life outside of social media. She went onto say that this IS real life. Unless you're writing fiction, blogging, FB, Twitter, it's all real life. She's coined the phrase In Real Life Too which means all of this. So when I read that you said you took some time to play and enjoy your "real life" i'm a little bit offended. I like to think of myself as part of your life. Not real or otherwise. Just part of your life. Just like you are mine. You and Jewels are the 2 people I email when I've crossed over to the (pleasurable) dark side and that's me, in real life, emailing you sharing a real part of my life with you. These reverb posts are meant to stir up shit and to get you to reflect and I like to think to get all the stuff out of the way that we've been dealing with all year so that we can manifest what it is that we want for next year. Or the new year. However you want to say that. And although you blog anonymously, you are not writing fiction . you share your REAL life with us. (us meaning your readers).

    This woman that was so passionately presenting at TEDx said that it always makes her a little bit sad when she hears someone say "that person isn't a real life friend, just a Facebook/Blogging/Twitter friend". I would have to agree with her. I have a lot of facebook friends that I met because of facebook and have gone to become really great 3dimensional friends with.

    I know that not everyone will see it the same way, but i just could'nt let it slide. my online relationships, with my blogging friends and my twitter friends and my facebook friends mean as much to me as my 3 dimensional ones because i share myself in the same way.

    and i guess i had to share that.

    i hope you don't mind me writing a novella here in the comments section. I think I'm feeling the sting of a few things today...and i'm still thrilled that you took on reverb even though you didn't know what it meant or entailed.

  5. First of all, how ambitious of you to come back and catch up on all of your missed days in one post. If I had been away a few days, I don't know if I would have been able to do so.

    Secondly, I am most glad to read about you not being guilty about being who you are and enjoying what you enjoy. This seems to be something several Reverb writers want to be a part of their 2012, and it is encouraging to see it. (Not to mention a reminder to me that I should be willing to do the same thing. Not always easy for me.)

    Finally, for the 12 things you can do without in 2012 part, I can say politics was also on my list. I think democracy and election are important, and I try to keep up to date on most current events. But the campaigns these days are such poison. I don't want to follow too much of it next year. And to think I was a political science major in college...I am very done with that.

  6. @michael: Your list was good! I think having a few TBDs will come in handy as I'm sure there is more stuff to be unloaded before the new year

    @Jason: I'm working on losing the guilt, it's a process when you get told most of your life that fun=bad

    @Kage: love, you are more than welcome to borrow any and all, I think a lot of us drag around the same shit with us and could stand to leave it behind!

    @Rita: Right on Sunshine!! I could not agree with you more! I still make the distinction between real life and online more so because a lot of my "real life" friends are not involved in my blog and such. Conversely, many of my online/blog friends have evolved into and are very much a part of my real life now and that could not be more awesome!

    I also agree that those relationships that originate online and evolve into real life are just as valid, if not more indepth in some cases, than those that I have fostered strictly offline.

    Bottom line is there is more than one way to have friendships and relationships and I am grateful for all of them!

    @Ty: thanks for the kudos, don't expect me to be that ambitious on a regular basis...won't happen! As for the for Poli Sci major, I don't think I could willingly support that career choice for my princess at this point. I used to be so involved and engaged in the process and loved to see the system work... and not it just doesn't work. Too many personal agendas taking priority over the people that are supposed to be represented, kind of sad actually that I no longer love it.


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