Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 31 of reverb11 - Reflect

So this is it. The last day of reverb11.  I'm happy and sad at the same time. Posting (almost) every day has been a challenge that I'm glad I stuck with. And I have been lucky enough to find some really amazing new people on this adventure so you really can't ask for more than that.

Day 31: Reflect - Take a moment to think back on your reverb11 responses.  Have you learned anything?  What surprised you about this experience?  Which of your responses was your favourite?

Looking back on my responses to all of the many and varied reverb11 prompts, I can confidently say that at this moment in time, I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life.  I also realize that I truly am open to opportunity, ready to action, and pretty much over complacency in general.  That's an exciting place to be. 

Over the course of this last year, I have discovered great friends, made some mistakes, and had a hell of a good time doing it all. Thank you for sharing in my shenanigans, offering your advice, and just sharing life with me. 

So to you, my friends, I raise a glass in a celebration toast to all that lies ahead! I hope you have the happiest of New Years! Big Randy Kisses to all of you! *MWAH!*


  1. Happy Happy HAPPY New year my friend. Love love LOVE that you took it on and you completed it! Yay you! What else fun can we do this year?????

  2. Happy New Year lady! It's been fun reading all of your posts these past few months! Can't wait for 2012 shenanigans!

  3. Also... blogging almost every day WAS a challenge. You rocked it though!

  4. You are definitely exactly where you should be, my darling: kicking ass and taking prompts.

    MUCH love and MANY wishes for kicking even more ass as you do in writing, love and life in general. You are brilliant, my dearest RandyGirl, and I'm so glad that we met this year.~ *MWAH!*

  5. Your prompts have been terrific, and it's been great to learn more about you every day. And it's led you to realize that you're exactly where you should be. How cool is that? :)


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