Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 30 of reverb11 - 3 Wishes

Well, here we are at day 30 of reverb11. Almost done. And this is the first thing I can say I have really almost totally stuck to for the full duration of all the writing things I have played with this year. It's been fun and I'm glad I jumped into it.

Day 30: 3 Wishes - If a genie could grant you 3 wishes for 2012, what would they be? (Author: @amanda_hirsch )
Oh genie, you don't want to give this girl 3 wishes.... that could be dangerous! 
However, if by some far off chance I did stumble upon said genie and he did choose to grant me 3 wishes, I'm guessing there would be all sorts of rules around them like I can't wish for more wishes, bring dead people back, or talk with Jesus which really just takes all the fun right out of it huh?? I know, I am complaining about getting wishes... I never said things were easy with me did I?

So for the sake of fun and in light of me having a very small window of time to play on the interwebz tonight, here goes! 
Wish 1: I wish for unlimited financial resources (almost like wishing for more wishes but not totally so I think I can get away with it)
Wish 2: I wish for good health for myself and anyone else I choose to let in on my wish benefit.
And because I can't be totally selfish and feel obligated to use one wish for the greater good, 
Wish 3: I wish to stop all crimes against children. 

There you have it get on it!  


  1. Wish #2 is gonna get you a long line of people, begging for your healing touch...

  2. Right now, I wish I had some hot fudge. Weird craving. Stupid sleeping kids can't be left alone though.

  3. Good wishes! I wish I had a genie.

    Happy New Year, beautiful girl :)

  4. @Lost: they already do.... oh wait, ummm... different type of touch I guess but still makes people feel better

    @Wow: yummmm hot fudge..... just put the kids in the car in their PJs, they won't care.

    @Kage: Thanks doll!! I wish you the very happiest of New Years, love, you SO deserve it!

  5. I'm sorry, but I think those are the best 3 wishes ever. You cover all your bases: the selfish personal wish, the taking-care-of-your-loved-ones wish, and the world-over wish. Love it.


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