Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 23 & 24 of Reverb11 - Short & Sweet

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! This is the time of year for forced family niceties, too many calories, and if you're lucky, a decent amount of alcohol to make it all more manageable.

Part of my holiday tradition for the past three years has been having the ex-hubs move in to my house for a few days, 3 and a half days this year to be exact, to do our family Christmas thing. I know, it's anything but conventional, but we both decided we didn't want to be without the Princess for the holiday and as long as we still like each other's families and can tolerate each other that we would do Christmas together for as long as we could make it work. Thus the copious amounts of alcohol. Merry Christmas to me!

Today I'm covering days 23 and 24 for reverb11. They will be short and sweet as I have stuff in the oven that will require my attention momentarily.

Day 23: Travel Did you visit anywhere new this year?  Any plans to travel next year?
Let's see, where all did I go this year...hmm... it's been a long year but I know for sure I spent time in Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, Disney World, Colorado, and a few random road trips in between. I love to travel and have friends just about anywhere my heart desires to go so any chance I get, I'm gone. 

As for plans for 2012, I will be heading back to Vegas in February to rock it out with Blog Boy in the city of sin...I. Can't. Wait! I'm sure I'll have to head back to Dallas a time or two for work, probably do Disney with the Princess, and hopefully back to the mountains a few times as well. I would love to hit NYC in the Fall if I can swing it, it's high on my list of favorite places. 

Who knows what adventures 2012 will send my way but I'm ready to go and I can pack quickly!

Day 24: Somebody Has to Say It…
Given the fact that I got up and sat across the table from my ex hubs as he enjoyed the bacon and waffles I made for breakfast bright and early this lovely Christmas Eve, this one is easy. 
"Nothing like going to all the trouble and expense to get divorced just to have to play family again at the Holidays"

Yep, that's my one thing, and it had to be said. 

Merry Christmas kids!!! Hope you have a very blessed holiday and nothing but joy in the next few days. And for your gift from me?? Big RANDY KISSES for everyone!! **MWAH!!** 


  1. So jealous of your traveling! I bet vegas is gonna be great (we better see pics!)

  2. Merry Christmas darling! I think that's very big of you about your ex. I'm sure the princess appreciates it too.

    As for travel, if you make it to NYC let me know!!!

  3. Merry Christmas,

    As always I enjoy your words. It is nice to have found a new friend this year and can't wait to see what kind of things you share after reverb.


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