Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 19 of reverb11 - Moved by Generosity

Happy Monday kids! It is a happy Monday for me because I am on vacation. Woohoo!

I still have to get up to get the princess to school and all but now the rest of the day is pretty much mine to do which what I please. I believe today will be coffee, kickboxing class, an overly long shower, lunch, and perhaps a stroll through the mall because I'm thinking Monday afternoon will be my best bet to avoid the last minute crazies that are trying to start their Christmas shopping. That theory may be off, I'll let you know tomorrow.

But now it's time to get back to the reverb11 goodness.

Day 19: Being Moved - tell us about a time this year that you were moved by the generosity of another.
There were a lot of generous moments that I was lucky to witness this year but I'm going with the one that I personally received the most generous gesture from someone that owes me nothing and really benefited in no way other that to get stuck entertaining me for a weekend. 

I have talked off and on this year about my fabulous friend Blog Boy. This is the prime example of meeting someone interesting and genuine through the blogosphere and taking the time to invest in each other outside of the interwebz. It started with us having a similar sense of humor and smart-assery in common on our blogs and we actually found that we really are both the same in person and decided that was pretty cool. 

I posted about our adventures, our first meet up over the summer and then my trip to annoy him on his territory this fall. The trip this fall would have never happened had he not cleared his schedule and made it possible for me to get on the plane and rock it out for a few days. 

He knew shenanigans would be in total "dial it back mode" as I was newly involved with Twin and wanted to not fuck that up right away with doing my usual naughtiness and he totally respected that situation and just made it an awesome, pressure-free weekend for me. There's generosity in several layers going on with that situation and it was really truly touching and appreciated. 

I'm lucky enough to have him as a real-deal friend in my life now. We talk several times a week, text frequently, and just stay in touch as I do with all of my good friends. We are doing life together now and it's pretty awesome if you ask me! 

So, to Blog Boy, I say again...thank you for your generosity and just being so darn awesome! 


  1. Gotta love awesome friends - they are few and far between :) x

  2. Everybody needs someone like this in their life. I'm glad I have one as well. Fun to talk to, a good partner in crime, and just the right amount of shenanigans (not too bad but not too tame either!)

    To the blog boy! *cheers*

  3. There's nothing like meeting a kindred spirit who enjoys your antics, but is cool with the mellow times too. Good friends are the best.

    And kickboxing class...jealous...

  4. This is all just an elaborate plan for me to get in your pants. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh! Somebody just hacked into your phone and texted to me that I'm a brat!!

  6. It is nice to have someone who gets you,,, until they start crashing your blog and says it just to get in you pants... then they suck! Luckily my like of you outweighs your smart-assery Blog Boy! XOXO

  7. But you knew I'd be sitting here reading it thinking how sweet you are and how great it is to have whatever this relationship is of ours and yet the opportunity to write something back full of smartassery was there and who am I not to take something like that? You really left me choice. I can't help it if you cause me to be obnoxious.

  8. @Blog Boy: And this is why we are friends ;0)


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