Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another pile of reverb11 - Gratitude, teachers, community, and a little loathing to round it out

Yep, I did it to you kids again! Here I am, disappearing for a few days, and then dumping all of my reverb11 words on you in one grand swoop! No excuses for me other than to say that this week certainly did not go as I expected but I'm catching up now and will try to do better going forward.

Ready? Good! Onward we go....

Day 14: Gratitude - What five (5) things are you most grateful for from 2011?
Having things to be thankful for is not something I take lightly. I'm blessed and have a list way longer than 5 but here are a few things I have the most gratitude for.

  1. My Princess. Really no explanation needed but she is awesome and smart and funny and healthy and brings me more joy than any other thing in the world. 
  2. My health. I'm lucky that I can do pretty much anything I want to do unhindered 
  3. My family. Not the same as my daughter because although she is included, she stands alone, but the rest of my family is always there when I need them and I'm lucky to have that 
  4. Resources. Not just financial resources that I work my ass off for, but also support, opportunity, and options 
  5. My schedule. I have a lot of flexibility to make my days look how I want them to most of the time. That's not something a lot of people can say and it wasn't always the case for me so I am doubly aware of how lucky I am to have that now. 

Day 15: Teaching Moment - Sometimes we find teachers in the most unexpected places. Who surprised you as a teacher this year, and what did you learn? 

The Princess has really been the biggest teacher for me this year. She is learning things for the very first time and is SO excited to share what she has learned with me. Seeing her figure things out, connect the dots on concepts, and grow so much confidence from what she is learning that it has made me want to step up my game and keep learning new things myself. 

Day 16: A Community I Love - Online & IRL we're all part of a multitude of communities.  Tell us about one that moves you

As my sunshine Rita so eloquently spoke to in her comment on one of my recent reverb11 posts, I am the same with  my online community as I am to my three dimensional communities that there is really very little distinction between the two at this point. 

I will willingly and joyfully admit that being part of this blogging community has moved me. I have gotten so much more out of the relationships, and yes I do consider them relationships, that have come from meeting and doing life with the people that follow my blog and who's blogs I follow in return, that it has enhanced my life in awesome ways. 

As I have written before, I have taken more than a few of these relationships offline and am fostering them three-dimensionally and it has been awesome. Phone calls, visits, traveling together... it has all been an awesome extension of what started as simple admiration or entertainment from a person's words. That's some sort of magic if you ask me! 

Day 17: Loathing - Who or what do you loathe and how have you expressed that in 2011?
It was mentioned that we could use this one to have a little fun so that's what I'm going to do. I think most people can literally see a person's face in their mind's eye when they hear the word "wet blanket". You know what I'm talking about? That one person that no matter how awesome something is, free concert tickets, an expense paid trip, an award given to honor them, they can still find some reason to complain about it. It's not enough, not good, not what they want, etc etc. 

Kind of makes you want to punch them in the face right? Or maybe it's just me. That is the one thing I have loathed the most this year, people that act like they just can't be happy no matter what. Get over yourself already!!! Life is what you make it and if you want to make sure yours sucks than rock on with that, just don't think it is necessary to piss in my cheerios too ok??? 

Whew!! I feel better now!! 


  1. So when do WE get to travel together??? :)

  2. Oh sunshine, I am down for a traveling adventure with you anytime!! Let's plan something for real!

  3. Count me in on the wet blanket hatred. Might not mean much since I have enough hatred to fill a grain silo, but hey, I am right there with ya.


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