Friday, November 4, 2011

"Soft-Core Friday" - Tech Love edition

Happy Friday finally. If this hasn't been the longest week ever, I don't know what is!  I have never been so glad to be on the verge of a weekend.

The week was good but very busy, at least for me. My boss lady was in town for the week so not only did I have to (gasp) go into the office all week, but I also had the obligatory after work cocktails and dinner each evening so everything, including catching up on the posts of all my lovely peeps, has been pushed aside. I'll be trying to catch up this weekend.

For this installment of "Soft-Core Friday" I'm going tech geek on you. I just got my first iPhone, the 4S, last night. I may be in love.

In span of  a short few hours, I am totally enamored with the gadgets and functions and fun that it is bringing to me. And the princess is totally right there with me. The first app I loaded was a Barbie app so now I have to pry my phone from her hands to use it.  Finally, something we both can love, that gives us what we want when we want it, and doesn't flake out on important things. Well, at least not yet!

Here's a pic of my new "toyfriend"  He's gorgeous isn't he??

I'm hoping this relationship works out, I really want to keep him around for a while.


  1. I love mine too. Tell Siri you love her a couple times. She is funny.

    Looking forward to all that sexting you will be sending my way...

  2. Google "shit that siri says" for a good time. You can make her respond in some fun ways...

    And can I get in line for the sexting? Behind mister awkward, of course...

  3. My boss just move to this phone from his long time Blackberry and he loved it at first. Traveled on business this week and hates it now. icloud is blocked in many hot spots, the calendar and notes have to have special apps loaded. No red blinking light for new messages. Is this an old dog having trouble with new tricks or his words, "not a working persons phone"?

  4. my iphone was stolen a couple of months ago :( but i've almost saved up enough money to buy a new one! yay!

  5. There's something wrong with me that I'm rushing to my iPod (fake iPhone) to see what is the Barbie app, right? ^_^; Have fun with your new toy, sweetie!~

  6. *jealous face ...

    I AM happy for you though! *says some stuff under his breath

    REALLY I am, Xx.


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