Monday, November 28, 2011

Irony can be a cold b*tch, literally, and some other stuff too

So should I be surprised at the little bit of irony experienced on this lovely Monday morning? Maybe, but probably not.

As part of my attempt to show gratitude daily, I had a little God time this morning and literally broke it down to a list of things that I take for granted every day but really really am appreciative for, comfort things.

The list was long but include things like my super comfy bed, clean hot water for my morning shower, my warm house as it turns colder outsides... etc etc. You get the picture. By 9am, I was advised my furnace was deemed dead by the HVAC repair guy and I have no heat until the new furnace goes in tomorrow morning.

Now I'm even more thankful for the warm house I had this morning. Funny how things like that work. (don't worry, they are bringing in space heaters in the mean time so I certainly won't be cold for long and I don't have to pay for the replacement so all is well)

But enough about gratitude and broken stuff... on to the fun!

I have enjoyed my brief hiatus from all things writing related. It wasn't spurred by any big life event or done out of protest for any good cause, I just wanted to take a break. It was good for me. But I miss you all so I wanted to hurry back and see what I missed!! So??? Fill me in!!

Since you only really read me to see what shenanigans I have been up to, I'll give you a quick update. Twin and I are still doing our thing. We spent from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon entertaining each other. It was fun.  I took him to the city for an overnight on Friday for his birthday. More on the complexities of handling birthdays/holidays in the "kinda sorta relationship" situation later, it was tricky but came off well I think.

I have been behaving myself. And I'm not bored yet, but I don't feel I'm completely settled yet either. It's kind of a precarious position to be in and I'm not sure if I'll give in and go all in with Twin or if I need to just let things simmer for a while longer.

I'm not sure what my hesitation is but it's there and I am aware of it so I consider it valid for the time being. Or I might just be "mental" as my sweet Kat would say. Yeah, that might be it.


  1. If you have some hesitation, even if you're not sure why, then simmering a while is not a bad thing. It'll come, maybe in a quick snap of realization. Or it could be slow, and over time you feel the hesitation melting away like butter on morning pancakes.

    Great, now I'm hungry.

    Either way - glad to see you back babe!


  2. Only make a move when it feels right. It seems like, one way or another, you'd be forcing yourself. I say keep going with the flow until one pathway becomes clearer than the other.

    And that's my zen moment of the day. Meditate on this, students... ohmmmmm....

    Welcome back! You were missed!

  3. Your Kat missed you INSANELY! But she's glad that you enjoyed your break. =)

    I don't think that you're mental at all, my darling. For some reason it seems that we have been wired to think that we have to immediately decide if we are going to marry someone or not. I think this is why a lot of relationships don't work out because people go full throttle instead of waiting to get to know each other better. In short, I believe that you're doing the right thing in going slow, love.~

  4. Any advice on handling holidays for kinda/sorta relationship thingies would be most welcomed as I am finding myself in that situation with absolutely no clue what to do about it haha!

  5. It is definitely a difficult time of the year to be in a newer relationship. I am in a even newer relationship than you and am questioning what is the right move and what is not.

  6. I think you are being smart about the pace at which you and Twin are handling the relationship. You were missed, very much, but some quality time in the real world was deserved. I hope you enjoyed it because I am begging you to not leave me that long again. :P


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