Monday, November 14, 2011

Above the Clouds

I'm sure you all were distracted all weekend wondering how my adventure was going. (I like to think you were at least because I like attention) so I thought I would take a few minutes to recap it for you.

This trip, as alluded to in my SCF post, was very last minute but full of promise. It did not fail to deliver. I like bullet points so below are my awesome and not awesome lists.

  • prompt pick up at the airport by my beloved Blog Boy
  • Much much much laughter
  • great food, drinks, and atmosphere in a city much cooler than mine
  • a very productive business meeting on Saturday with awesome clients that I have been doing some work for 
  • free chocolate, lots of free chocolate
  • getting to stand center stage at the historic Red Rocks venue
  • an almost-nap in the afternoon 
  • a new creative challenge accepted
  • more good food and drinks
  • snuggling without pressure or awkwardness
  • coffee
  • more awesome food at the coolest tea house
  • shopping shopping shopping
  • made my flight by the grace of a 15 minute delay 
  • found myself literally above the clouds
Not Awesome:
  • long ass drive to the airport
  • bumpy flight
  • sitting through perhaps the worst executed musical ever
  • getting stuck in construction traffic on the way to catch my flight
  • not enough time in the weekend
  • long ass drive home from the airport in an "end of the world" storm

Overall, the weekend trip was a resounding success. The company  was excellent, the scenery was amazing, and I found myself feeling more optimistic about the future, excited for possibilities, and just in general happier than I have been in quite a while.  So totally worth the turbulence.


  1. You had more fun flying around last week than I did. I came back with a cold, and had NO snuggling during my trip!

    *sad face*

  2. Sounds like you had a great time!

  3. Glad it was a successful trip. I hate turbulence. Had some when I flew up to CT. Makes me feel sick. But so worth it!!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time. I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself and that picture is beautiful!

  5. Glad you had a great time!

    Where do I sign up for the free chocolate?!

  6. For future reference, I have the ability to transform into hand-luggage.

  7. looks like a win to me! :) glad you had a good time! xx

  8. The positive side definitely outweighs the negatives. I'm glad you had fun, my RandyGirl.~


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