Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tired of having to hear your kids or interacting with other people? Here's your solution!

I love it when I run across a product pitch that just solves all my problems! Like Pajama Jeans did when I couldn't be bothered with zippers and snaps and stuff on my jeans.

In this case, it's problems like hearing my child trying to talk to me when I am watching TV, missing the game while I am outside mowing the lawn, or being bothered with having to interact with the outside world in general.

Well, be bothered no more! Thanks to the genius creators of myzone headphones, now my world can completely revolve around the television and you won't be intruded upon by those pesky outside forces like kids, nagging spouses, or tornado sirens.

For real? Is this what it has come to? Hearing TV above all else?  I guess so because these exist and they are selling well.

I can see where if you are hearing impaired or have an attention disorder of some sort, these may come in handy but other than that.... really?

For all the handy dandy info on this "miracle" product, click here. Or watch this informercial to find out how you can ignore those around you with a simple pair of headphones.


  1. I've seen the commercial before and unless you live next door to a firehouse with 12 annoyingly yappy chicks, and stock car racetrack I just don't see the need for these. You hit it right on the television is that important!

  2. Haha! Great product review on a not so great product.

  3. Hey Dads! Aren't families OBNOXIOUS? Don't you wish you could just make them all DISAPPEAR? Now with new MyZone CAN!

  4. In an interesting twist, at a family gathering this weekend, there was an epic battle between the television blaring so the guys could hear and the conversation trying to be held with the ladies. I made the comment about these headphones and both my sister and my mother were like "order those for Christmas for your dad/brother-in-law". They were serious. So I am. I'll let you know how they work out.


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