Friday, October 28, 2011

"Soft-Core Friday" - Yahoo for the return of logic

Happy "Soft-Core Friday" kids! I hope you all have had a lovely, shenanigan-filled week. If not, it's not too late as the weekend lays open before you so get on it!

As I shared yesterday, I found myself on Temptation Island in the metaphorical sense with Fireman again. I appreciate the advice and the "I think it's #4" confirmations on my post and on Twitter. You guys are right and you called me out for being an idiot and I need that once in a while.

The more I think about it, and I am thinking a lot about the whole situation, not just about the fun parts of it, but all the complicated root cause type parts of it, the more I realized that it's not really about him at all. It's about me. I want the attention, I want to be wanted, I want him to want to come back to be with me. And then I want to tell him no. Because I can and I should.

In an attempt to gain some clarity on my feelings yesterday, I met Twin for lunch. It was nice. I realize that when I go too long without physically seeing him, I can talk myself into thinking I don't like him as much as I do. But when I do spend time with him, even just to meet for lunch for an hour, I'm reminded of why I like him.

We both had the same great idea last night for him to come over ala booty call style, or at least that was the plan. With our schedules and me being sick, we hadn't "been together" in almost two weeks and I think it was making both of us a little cranky. So we fixed that last night. Unlike my normal booty call protocol, he stayed the night and I'm glad he did. We needed that time to just be close to one another physically for a while and reconnect.

I have to be honest and admit that the thought of Fireman crossed my mind at one point last night. But it quickly served as a point of contrast to what was actually in front of me, a man that cares about me, wants me to be happy, and let's me know that I'm special to him.

So kids, here's a big hip hip hooray for the return of logic. I'm hoping that it sticks around for a minute.

And, a big thanks to my darling Jewels for sending the link to this new Christina Perri song via the Twitters last night. I am truly in love with this song and I hope that I can feel this way about one person in my lifetime.


  1. I think I'm a little addicted to wanting to be wanted.

    Firemen, policemen wearing suits & their badges hanging around their necks.. wait.. whut?

  2. Why oh why am I an angry bird for halloween? I could be a man in uniform, and get mauled by women...

    Oh well, next year.

  3. "I think I'm a little addicted to wanting to be wanted."

    Right there with ya. ::sigh::

  4. wow, i liked that video, especially the tea lights and the beautiful dress.

  5. Hurray for logic! Did you ever watch Paradise Hotel? The original dirty reality show...

  6. Yay for logic...yay for Twin...and YAY for Christina Perri! :) So glad you liked it. Hugs and enjoy your weekend.

  7. probably should have read this one before i commented on the last one, oops! but i hear you about wanting that power. it can be a tricky thing and get girls like us into sticky situations. glad things turned around with you and the twin! best of luck :) xx

  8. I never had any doubt that you would do the mature thing and I'm so happy that it worked out, darling.~


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