Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off Tilt - Indie Ink Weekly Challenge

After several weeks (OK, maybe it was month or so) hiatus, I am back in the Indie Ink Weekly Challenge again. And a challenge it was!
*My prompt is at the end of this post.

Everything had been turned upside down today. This was not the beginning, it was truly the end.

Everything that she had come to know had been challenged in the course of the last 24 hours. She could have panicked; she could have joined the crowds of people that had gathered in the streets, in cities, around the world. Huddled together, praying and crying with the masses. But she didn’t.

A glance at her hotel room clock told her it was 1:00am but the strange glowing in the sky begged to differ. Flashes of light, like a brilliant diamond reflecting every color of the spectrum, lit up the dark sky in a dazzling way.  She had heard of this phenomenon, the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis as the more scholarly preferred to refer to it, but she never expected to experience the majestic beauty of it here, in the desolate heart of central Africa.

It was further proof of just how close the end was now. The earth was off its axis and there was no “normal” any longer. There was just a continuous series of unbelievable events that were occurring, some simultaneously, others in rapid succession, that had made her truly understand that this was the indeed the end of times.  It was only a matter of days now until the earth became too hostile of a place for her or anyone else to survive on.

She was in the perfect place to write her ending.  It didn’t matter that no one would be reading it; it was her story to tell. These moments that she was experiencing were too unbelievable to not be captured in words, to not be recorded in some tangible way, to be made real if even for a few moments.  

She was alone now in what had once been a grand structure. The staff and other guests had abandoned the hotel when the first impact was felt, and news of the impending doom it would bring with it had hit the airwaves.  Things had turned from quiet and serene on the desolate landscape to chaotic and turbulent in a matter of minutes. The usually skeptical locals even had immediately panicked and fled to their villages to be with their families.

But she stayed. She really had nowhere else to go, no reason to flee, no one was waiting for her. Now she wandered the empty hallways, most of the doors lining the darkened hall were hanging slightly open as they had been abandoned so hastily that their occupants hadn’t bothered to shut them in their rush to get out of the building and back to their homes. She took her time, looking inside the rooms, surveying those things that were left behind, what was deemed unimportant to its owners.

She had been left behind, but not by careless, panicked-stricken patrons. She had been left behind by him, years before.  The feeling of impending doom and the world being off tilt was not a new feeling to her. She had been living in that state emotionally for the last four years. It was almost comforting to her now to know that everyone else could finally understand how she was feeling. 

This ending would be different. This time, it would not be him breaking her, casting her aside, shattering her world. No, this would be her writing a different ending. The fools of the world can cry and pray and hold on to one another, but she is standing on her own this time.

She put her hand on the doorknob and hesitated only a moment, before forcing it open. The shock of the icy air invigorated her, pushed her forward, moved her closer to the beautiful sky and the mesmerizing pulses of jeweled-toned light that envelope her as she walked, deeper into the now frozen desert, relieved that her end would soon find her. 

 © iStockphoto / Roman Krochuk

I'm so very appreciative the of the great brainstorming and editing resource that has, without question, helped push me to dig a little deeper. You know who you are!! XOXO

This week’s Indie Ink Challenge came from Cedar, who gave me this prompt: Set a scene under the aurora borealis, at 1am, with the temperature falling to 50 below. I challenged Mare with the prompt "She was a beautiful disaster."


  1. You rocked the pants off this prompt! You are an awesome storyteller and like you said; you had to dig a little deeper, and what did you find ...? A brilliant diamond!

    Excellent work!

  2. This was outstanding RG. Wow! Love how real it felt.

  3. Nicely done! I echo Stefan, you did indeed "rock" the prompt! I loved this!

  4. i know you were stumped on this, but only because you mentioned it earlier this week. i never would have known just from reading this. what a fascinating, intricate story! great, great job tying it all together with dropped details throughout. i love it!

  5. Watching the northern lights in the southern hemisphere sounds like a pretty ideal way for one's candle to go out if you ask me. Not that you were asking me, of course :)

    This was beautifully written.

  6. Beautiful and chilly (I'M SO PUNNY!! HAHA!), love. I'm very happy that you are Indie Inkin' again because you always kill your prompts.~


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