Monday, October 31, 2011

It doesn't count if I was wearing a costume right?

Well, does it?? I'm going to say no. Perhaps it's me justifying a momentary return of shenanigans-lite. Either way....

So here's the short version. Things went awry with Twin on Saturday night for a number of reasons, but the biggest one being his tendency to double and triple book himself and then just expect me to roll with it with a smile on my face and panties around my ankles. Not this time love, not this time.

We had plans for Saturday night for a while, but I had a sneaking suspicion that he would somehow not be able to pull it off as planned. I told him as much and also advised him that I would be making plan B which would be executed upon his fucking up our plans, if/when such fuck up would occur.

He thought I was joking. I totally wasn't.

Very smart on my part. As predicted, last minute change of plans came via text. He didn't see the harm in the change of plans and thought I would just redirect and head on over to his place. Sorry hon, plan B was activated.

Plan B ended up being a Halloween party that my friends band was playing in a small town dive-ish bar. I was not super psyched about the idea of it, but I decided to dust off the cheerleading uni, throw on some fishnets, hooker boots, and whole lot of eyeliner and hairspray and get my costume party on.
(Kind of like this, only with the aforementioned fishnets and hooker boots)

Such a good idea! It ended up being a fantastic night. Good music, lots of vodka, and the cutest little boy toy a naughty cheerleader could ever want to come across. And his Texas accent? Just made him that much more adorable. I won't even tell you how old he was but you have to be 21 to get in the bar so at least that's something.

Don't get too worried, I am still in "dialing it back" mode and I fear that logic may be sticking around so it was just a few hot make out moments. That's all. I promise.

It was fun and fairly harmless and was good for my self-esteem as we all know how much I want to be wanted. Especially by hottie little boys with sparkly blue eyes and southern accents. Ahem.... sorry....

It was good for me to just go out, dance, drink a little, be a little naughty, and yet come home alone.

Back to reality.

Twin and I are good now. He went to a concert with me last night and all is well. He also met the parents last night kind of by default since I had also bought them tickets for the same show and we were all sitting together. I think they liked him. I'll get an email from my mother soon I'm sure with their full opinions and commentary on the night.

So although the weekend didn't turn out as previous planned, I'm going to chalk this one up to the "Fun" category and leave it at that.

And besides, I had a costume on so it doesn't really count. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

See, I really can justify everything if I try hard enough.

Happy Halloween people! Go get your candy on!


  1. listen mama, you can't talk about you sexifying yourself like that and then not show me some scandalous pics! bet you looked gorgeous ;) and no, it doesn't count if you were in costume.. or character :) xx

  2. Is it weird that I kind of want to high five you right now?

  3. Good for you! You did great in having Plan B. A girl's always gotta be prepare you know. I am all "candied"out!!!

  4. I like that rule. I went as an angry bird, and the girls loved it. I had way too many females all up in my.... Plumage.

    Costume. So I'm ok.

  5. Perfect! You had a little Halloween shenanigan-type fun, but kept it in perspective enough that you didn't jeopardize your thing with Twin. You are doing brilliantly, love.~

  6. Lisa,

    The Hooker Boots are the saving grace! Nothing counts when you are styling those. Just don't take them off ;-)


  7. No, it definitely doesn't count, except to the lucky guy at the bar.

  8. "...and then just expect me to roll with it with a smile on my face and panties around my ankles." Can I just say how much I love your writing right now?

  9. What happens in costume stays in costume? Lol.

    I'm glad you worked things out with Twin, but I'd keep him on a short leash if I were you. Don't let him keep flaking on your plans.

    Hope you and your princess had a Happy Halloween!

  10. I am incredibly proud of my ability to justify any actions away. It's a talent and I'm glad that you seem to have it as well. There is nothing wrong with some harmless fun. :)

  11. You all rock! You totally confirm my flimsy yet seemingly effective justification of my shenanigans-lite behavior. I'm a lucky girl!

  12. "...with a smile on my face and my panties round my ankles".

    fucking fantastic line, i LOVE it

  13. Hahaha! I am with alyssa in demanding pictures. Hopefully everything gets worked out with this boy's schedule...!

    And P.S. I have a Texas accent, too. :)


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