Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I should have been a stripper

In the middle of a boring Tuesday afternoon conference call, this little gem of career advice came across the Twitters compliments of @huffingtonpost
Strippers in oil boomtown make thousands in tips every night

According to the Huffington Post article

An oil boomtown in the middle of North Dakota is proving that the laws of supply and demand apply to everything -- even stripper salaries.
As thousands of men move to Williston, North Dakota seeking high-paying jobs working for oil companies, area strippers have seen their salaries skyrocket, CNNMoney reports. Strippers claim that they can make $2,000 to $3,000 per night in tips -- more than in typical strip club hot spots like Las Vegas -- dancing for the oil rig workers, many of whom moved to the town without their families.

I knew that my career aspirations and Masters degree were a total waste of time. All I had to do was move to an oil boom town and shake my arse a little and boom! Big money, no whammies! 
It's never too late for a career change I guess. Now where did I put my g-string and tassled pasties? 

See, Kendra can teach me....she has her own class and I think I saw a Groupon for that!


  1. Finally! A reason to visit North Dakota!

  2. I think I just figured out my career change and I owe it all to you! :)

  3. Haha! It's not too late. And thanks for the Groupon link. I've been wanting to take that class but, surprisingly, I don't know anyone here in Vegas who wants to do it with me!

  4. Well shit. Think they need plus sized strippers there? All that money on college and I'd have been better off with a personal trainer and a pole. Damn.

  5. Women will always have a way to make money. We men are so jealous. Women won't pay to see us because they know they have ways to see what we're working with for free.

  6. ::laughs:: Go for it! I was a stripper for a bit while unemployed. You'd be amazed at how much money men are willing to part with. Plus if you get to pick your own music it's a blast and a half.

  7. I have said and will continue to say that if I was in better shape I'd consider this. To me, it's nothing more than a job. A job that pays well. Damn them!

  8. if it weren't for the fact that my huge tattoos make me recognizable in an instant, i would have already done this.

    also, why is she wearing sneakers? bad, bad stripper. where are the clear platform heels???

  9. @Wow: I'm assuming that's only a reason if I'm there...right??

    @Yvonne: always happy to help, make sure you get the big lucite heels, guys love that

    @Lazi: Next time I'm in Vegas, you and I are totally doing this! I can always appreciate learning a few new skills

    @Jewels, Jo Anne, & Jack - there is a market for everything girls, truly there is. If you want to get naked, someone will pay you for it. I guarantee it.

    @Q: Men are historically bigger and stronger and would win in a fight, the ladies have to have something of power to work with right??

    @Haven: I'm not knocking it, I say if you have it, work it! I have a stripper for a minute story that I might have to share some time. Bottom line, don't ever day me to do something you won't think I will do because I probably totally will!

    @Alyssa: You would be a rockin' hot stripper. If you ever decide to give it a whirl, CALL ME FIRST!!

  10. A groupon for a stripper? O_O

    S.O. has told me many times that I should be a stripper. *roll eyes*

  11. I've just downloaded iStripper, and now I can watch the hottest virtual strippers strip-teasing on my taskbar.


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