Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dirtiest Window Had a Hell of a View - Indie Ink Weekly Challenge

Another week in the Indie Ink challenge. I loved this challenge prompt and had fun writing it. Enjoy!

“Damn, it is dark out here, I can’t see shit!” Sarah mumbled to herself as she pushed her way through the thick brush that surrounded the small, dark building.  The garage was closed for the night and all of the techs had long since gone home.  But he would be coming back if her suspicions were right. As annoying as this whole venture was, she had to do it, she had to know that she wasn’t just being paranoid.

Making her way as quietly as she could to the back of the building, she found the window that belonged to his office.  The window was covered in dirt and was so filthy the light from the desk lamp could barely be seen shining through it.  Sarah took off her black leather glove and dug through her purse looking for a tissue to clean off some of the sludge from the pane of glass. She needed to see what was about to go down in that room for herself and she wanted to make sure she had a clear view. She was positive it would be quite the show.

Like clockwork, she heard his truck pull in at 10:00pm. He arrived at this same time every night she had learned from her nights of following him that had become her favorite past time in the last few weeks.  She had always had to keep her distance on the other nights as to not be discovered, following far behind him but seeing him turn into the long drive to the body shop. 

Tonight was different. Tonight she had left long before him to give her plenty of time to park a mile or so down the road and be in position to watch his arrival undetected. She had never been able to prove that he was not coming here alone before, but tonight she would be sure by the time she left.  

She could hear voices as the truck doors slammed. His voice and the voice of woman.  She knew instantly that it was her neighbor Anne, just as she had suspected. They were laughing and then there was a pause, presumably for a long kiss, before the crunching of their footsteps on gravel told her they were almost to the front door. 

She felt a sick sense of relief when she realized that she had suspected correctly. It would make what she had to do so much easier.  Her heart started beating so rapidly she thought for sure they would be able to hear it when they entered.

The heavy door slammed behind them and she could hear their footsteps and laughter echo through the workshop before she saw the handle of the office door turn. She wanted to look away right then, but she couldn’t. She had to see it for herself, with her own eyes. She had to see them together to know she was right.

And there they were, hands all over each other and kissing like horny teenagers, as they almost fell into the office as the door opened.  She knew how this worked. She had once been the woman naked in his office in the middle of the night. It had been her with her hands unzipping his jeans while he pushed her up against the wall and pulled her head back hard by her hair. He knew just how to get what he wanted from a girl.

Now she was watching it through a filthy window, almost like a movie. She couldn’t look away now; it was like she was mesmerized by the scene unfolding in front of her, wanting to know what came next.

Out of nowhere, a man in a ski mask came bursting through the office door, yelling as he pointed  a pistol at the half-naked couple.  Sarah jumped back away from the window and had to stifle her own scream.  The two lovers were crying and begging the man “Please don’t do this! We’re so sorry, we never meant to...” Pop. Pop.  And then the voices stopped.

The door to the office was slammed shut with such force that it swung back open, leaving a sliver of light shining across the office floor. Mustering enough courage to look back through that grimy window, Sarah saw both of them lying in a pile on the floor, a dark shiny pool spreading out from where their bodies were.

She heard tires spinning and gravel flying as the gunman’s car tore down the long drive way and back out onto the main road. She sat there a long time, not sure of what to do next.  She should have been sad, or at the very least terrified but she wasn’t. She was just feeling…relieved.   Someone had done her dirty deed for her.

She walked the long distance back to her car in the dark and drove back to her house singing along to the radio to keep her mind off of what she had just seen. She needed a good night’s sleep. 

She grabbed the orange prescription bottle that held her sleeping pills and shook two out into her hand.  As she was standing at her kitchen sink with a glass of water to wash the pills down, she looked out her window and saw her neighbor, Anne’s husband, standing at his kitchen sink washing his hands. He smiled at her and winked, then turned off the kitchen light. 


For the Indie Ink Writing Challenge this week, femmefauxpas challenged me with "It was the dirtiest window but it had one hell of a view" and I challenged Mary Terrani with "Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken".


  1. WOAH WOAH WOAH LADY! you ROCKED this. so spot on the way you talked about how she felt watching the affair unfold. and then that ending! it was somehow out of the blue yet totally perfect. awesome story.

  2. LOVED THIS! Not at all where I thought it was going... even better! I want to know what happens! Who did it? The cops have to question her.. the neighbor's husband! Oh so much to find out!

  3. Wow! That was incredible! Loved the ending with the neighbor.

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  5. Loved this! I thought you'd take it elsewhere, let her get some payback, but the little wink at the end capped it off nicely.

    Lovely work!

    What happens next though?

  6. Wow. Sorry that I am getting to this so late but that was AWESOME! Great job!!
    Now for the illicit relationship of Anne's husband and herself. hehehe.

  7. Brilliance! Excellent story and your prose flowed perfectly without any choppiness, my love.~


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