Thursday, October 27, 2011

And I'm back on Temptation Island

So do any of you remember the awful reality show Temptation Island? No? Hmm, maybe I was the only one that watched it. Well, the link on the title has the best worst reviews and info on it, you're welcome.

The premise of it was that you took X number of couples that were at various stages of their relationships but who were questioning if they were right for each, split them up into boys camp and girls camp, ply them with lots of alcohol, and then put them in precarious situations with extraordinarily hot single members of the opposite sex and wait to see what happens. Genius right? Indeed!

And things went down just as one might expect, complete with hot hookups followed by tearful confessions of undying love for their bf/gf, or in some cases giant blow ups and tragic endings. Either way, it made for fantastic television, very cringe-worthy indeed.

So what does that awesome awful reality television show have to do with me? One word: Fireman.

He is my own personal version of Temptation Island.

Let's be honest, we all knew it was only a matter of time didn't we?

For those of you who are newish to Random Girl, Fireman and I have a long history of hot hook ups and a little drama thrown in for good measure. We haven't been together since mid-July. We didn't officially call it off, we both just kind of quit texting each other and thus quit hooking up.

Well, he's back. Or trying to be at least. I ignored him at first. But then I quit ignoring him. And then I started talking to him. And now.... well.... you know... I'm thinking about him in THAT way again.

This tells me a few things: 1) I'm an idiot 2) I obviously have doubts about Twin and I if I would be entertaining thoughts of Fireman once again 3) I'm finding it easier to justify the thought of being with Fireman in a strictly recreational sense while maintaining my not-so-official relationship with Twin 4) I'm an idiot

It's all theory at this point. It may or may not stay theory. I'm conflicted, but not for the reasons I probably should be and that is what kind of concerns me the most about my thought process on this whole situation.

Feel free to throw your opinion out there. I will probably ignore all good advice as I am excellent at making bad decisions all by my big girl self. I doubt this time will be different but who knows, maybe I will surprise us all, including myself.


  1. Oh goodness. A part of me wants to shake you and the other part says you have to trust your gut. I have to ask though...are you entertaining thoughts of Fireman to get back at Twin for blowing off Princess's Birthday? If so that is pretty messed up. I would love to see things with Twin work out but you are in the "relationship" and know best if you think it will/will not work.

    Regardless of your relationship status with Twin I don't think that the Fireman is healthy for you. You are gorgeous, smart, funny, and sexy and can get good sex a multitude of places. I really think it is time and healthiest for you to leave Fireman behind. Going back and forth is proving to him that he may just have more power over you than he thought. Don't let him sway you without good reason. Be sure of your motivations and emotions before you move forward with anything. I know how tempting those Firemen can be but just really be brutally honest with yourself about Twin and Fireman before making any decisions. In the end I love ya no matter what you do. :)

  2. No good advise for you ... BUT OH how I miss temptation island :)

  3. First. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED Tempatation Island. As much as one can love it.

    And you think it's possible that you're entertaining the Fireman because you're afraid of what could happen with the Twin??? Just a thought. Sounds more likely than "you're an idiot".

  4. Jewels offered dome damn good advice here. I think it is possible that you're still feeling miffed about Princess's birthday and this is a way of getting back at him. I would take some time to seriously evaluate how things are with Twin. Have you talked with him about the birthday issues? However, this Fireman seems to be bad news in the sense that it's a back and forth deal. I'm relatively new, so I don't know the whole story surrounding him ( I browsed the linked posts) but I can say you deserve better than that. Make sure you do what'd right for you - and Princess.

  5. i'd be the absolute worst person to offer you advice here, because i have my very own version of the fireman. for girls like us, it seems, there's always that one person - we know better, we shouldn't do it, but goddammit it's amazing so we do it anyway. there comes a time though where you have to think of what's best for you and what you want out of life and the direction you want your relationship(s) to go. as painful as it is, if we ever want to move on with our lives and grow into mature relationships, we have to let go, cut it off, and say goodbye. it sucks and is way easier said than done - believe me, i'm working on it as we speak. you just need to put yourself and your emotional well-being and that of princess first. good luck!

  6. Well, you know that I've never been a fan of Fireman, my darling RandyGirl, so I think you probably already know what my advice would have been if I thought that you really needed it. ;)

  7. Don't listen you Randy girl, you know in your heart that when it comes to going the distance, and making hours of passionate love, FIREMAN, is unparalleled. He's clearly more charming and charismatic as well. Not to mention better looking. And I heard he's used his time off, to get seriously ripped. While developing a personal sense of style rivaling any of eras Milanese or Parisian designers. So as the Greek philosopher / God once famously retorted, "Just do it"!


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