Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Twin meets the Princess, and an Uncool movie...totally not related

First of all I want to say thanks for your well wishes and prayers for my cousin that was in the car accident on Friday. She was doing better than expected but has had a setback from a pain perspective so keep the positive vibes coming! 

Tonight, I am cooking dinner for the Twin and the princess. This is their first meeting. I am a little nervous. No one gets to meet the princess normally so this is a big deal for me. He invited us out for dinner but I offered to host here so the princess could go play or do her thing and not feel like it was an "official" thing. Plus if she looses her mind, I can banish her to her tower (room) to go play and let the adults talk. 

I made homemade lasagna and an epic NY style cheesecake. Yes, I cook too... I know, my marketable skills just don't stop right?? Oh, and I have wine, lots of wine, in case it goes badly. 

I'll update you all on how things shake out. Good, bad, or ugly, you will hear it all. I know, you won't be able to sleep tonight wondering right? 

Since I have fallen off of the 30 Days of Shamelessness wagon lately I'm going to throw in one today: declare your love for an uncool movie
This movie, although a complete mystery to me why, never really caught on mainstream but I can pretty much relay it word for word and song for song. I'm really more in love with the soundtrack, good ol' Seattle grunge at it's finest and the fact that Eddie Vedder and the rest of the Pearl Jam crew make a cameo, makes me love it all the more. 
So, enjoy my uncool movie pick: Singles
If you haven't seen it, you should. It's Random Girl endorsed so you know it's awesome. It has Matt Dillon, Bridgette Fonda, Keira Sedgewick, and Paul Rudd just to name a few. 


  1. ooooh, good luck with the dinner tonight, i know everything will be great but i still can't wait to hear all the juicy details tomorrow!

    have fun :)

  2. Since when did Singles fall in the uncool category? Yeah, the soundtrack is awesome, but the movie is good too.

    My time keeps getting cut short...

  3. Oh no! I guess I missed the post about your cousin! Glad to hear that everything is turning out ok, though. And good luck tonight! I'm sure she'll handle it just fine!

  4. LOVE Singles! I'd forgotten about it, thanks for the reminder! I'm sure dinner was as smashing success!

  5. Lisa,

    Stop with the sterling qualities already. Baking AND cooking too?? Girl you rock the house. Now tell me and make me drool: what do you bake the best and is it also your favorite to make?


  6. @Kage: so nice to hear from you, love! I hope you are doing well and I miss you terribly when you aren't around!

    @Wow: Singles is really one of my all time faves. My crazy gf S and I always bust out the "We will always go dancing" line everytime we are out. Good memories to that good music/movie.

    @Lazi: Thanks for your thoughts! I will be doing a post on how the dinner/meeting with the princess went shortly

    @Yvonne: Yet another thing that we have in common... we are awesome huh??

    @Left: yes, rock the house indeed! I make lots of good stuff but my cheesecake gets rave reviews. And you already know that my chocolate chip cookies are almost famous.

  7. Dinner will more than likely go swimmingly.

    All of a sudden and for reasons I can't quantify, I feel compelled to watch a movie called: Singles - go figure ...


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