Monday, September 19, 2011

The Twin and our first annual D.I.B. (Day in Bed)

This weekend was a big one for the Twin and I. It was our first annual D.I.B or Day in Bed.

It was just what it sounds like. The DIB came about from a conversation we had a few weeks ago about how we spend our weekends. He claims that having a spectacular, well planned, DIB was on his bucket list. I didn't make him prove that by showing the actual bucket list, but I think it may have just been an excuse to get some extended time with me. Either way, I'm in.

Although having a day in bed sounds fairly simple, there was quite a bit of planning from both sides that went into. There was the brunch menu to consider, shopping to be done, and of course, new comfy PJ's were required. Whether or not they stayed on long is none of your business...pervs!  We pre-gamed our DIB with a night out at a comedy club and drinks afterwards. Then it was off to his place to officially begin the DIB festivities.

This is the most time that Twin and I have spent together and it was one of the best 24 hours I have had. And I'm not just saying that because the sex is spectacular, although it very much is. For me, it was so nice and very much appreciated to see the amount of effort and planning he put into making everything perfect for me. I haven't had someone do such nice, thoughtful things for me in a very long time, I almost didn't know how to act. But I truly appreciate it and could get used to being spoiled like that pretty quickly!

I would mark the first annual Randy/Twin DIB a complete and resounding success. Plans are underway for the follow up event.  We still aren't declaring ourselves anything as far as defining our situation and I am perfectly fine with that. I'm just really happy to be where I'm at right now and to have him along for the adventure.

Oh and as a follow up on the Princess/Twin dinner last week, it was a complete success. Very comfortable all around and a lot of fun. He also got to meet my bestie and her daughter and we all had a little impromptu hang out. He got the stamp of approval all the way around. As did his puppy. So far, so good!


  1. yay yay yay! DIBs are so awesome :) so happy it's going well & it sounds like you got yourself a keeper there! xx

  2. For that true D.I.B experiance what do you do about going to the bathroom?

  3. Those D.I.B. days are ones you never forget. I know I haven't.

  4. So happy for you! Who needs to define situations when you enjoy one another so much? Why bother. So glad that Twin and Princess got along...and a best friend stamp of approval is amazing. The great sex is the cherry on top....and a whole day being spoiled in bed...sounds heavenly. :) Yay, Randy!

  5. He's got a puppy, too?! Oh he's definitely a keeper then, my darling.~ ;)

    I'm so very happy that YOU'RE happy, my darling RandyGirl.~

  6. This is so awesome! I wish I knew where to meet a dude like this...

  7. My goodness, you seem quite smitten. Has the dial-back policy turned into a monogamous relationship? Where will I go now to read about poor choices, unmentionables and debauchery?

  8. @Alyssa: Thanks hon, it's a change of pace for me but in a good way

    @BlackLog: Common sense was allowed to prevail. We didn't spend the entire in bed so most embarrassing situs were avoided

    @Barb: Agreed! I think this one will stay on my mind for a while

    @Jewels: no one is more surprised at how well it's going than me. And to be cool with the princess and the bestie is a bonus for sure!

    @my sweet Kat: His puppy is adorbs,, like way too cute for words. And they are a package deal so that works out well for me. Thanks for the well wishes!

    @Garden: I'll keep an eye out for another one for ya girlie! He has a twin you know...but he's taken.

    @Wow: Smitten is a good word. And I totally blame the dial-back summer for this situation... I was doing fine just playing in shenanigans and now look, I've gone and ruined all the fun!

  9. love love LOVE! DIB's ARE THE BEST!

  10. Hey! Me and the supergirl did this on Sunday. Not as much planning went into it but it was soooooooo good!


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