Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking it to the Next Level

Well kids, Fall is definitely here. Almost overnight, the trees here have all started to change, the chill is in the air, and I can make a case to drink hot chocolate almost every day now. Factor all of that in with the fact that it's sweater and cute boots season and there is football on almost all the time and those things on their own would make me a very happy girl.

But wait, there's more! In addition to reveling in the midst of my favorite season, I am also enjoying reveling in my situation with Twin. There, I said it. I'm happy with one person. I'll give you a second to get over the shock.

And apparently that happiness is making me a little on the boring side for some of my long-time followers as I have been told and the shenanigans aren't nearly as frequent or scandalous as they were a little while back. There are plenty of shenanigans and bedroom exploits going on still I assure you! I'm just not sure how much of that stuff I'm going to be sharing in this particular situation yet.

This weekend, we took our undefined situation to the next level.... I babysat his puppy while he went out of town to watch his team play on Sunday.  Now that might not seem like a big deal in comparison to introducing a new person to your child or family but to him, it was a big step in the "I trust you" department. And all went swimmingly, aside from the fact that puppy barked pretty much the entire night Sunday. He's a puppy, they do that.

He came over yesterday to pick up puppy and properly thank me for taking good care of his baby while he went off to play. Thanks to us both having a fair amount of flexibility in our work situations, we were able to work together from home for the majority of the day. And we both actually worked, that's not code for anything, pervs! We went for lunch and  had a nice extended play break in the afternoon, other than that, we were all business, I promise!

Last night, he sent me some pretty affirming texts, recognizing my hard work as a mom to the princess (who really likes him and his puppy btw)and realizing how hard I work at my profession and in my other pursuits. It was nice of him to recognize those things as they are important to me and are what I use to really gauge my value and worth overall as a person: How am I as mother and am I doing my best to be successful.

I needed that. The dude is quality, I'm telling you!

Between the game nights with friends, spending weekends together, working from home together on a few days, and having plans well through upcoming months, it seems that this thing might just be legit. And I'm not freaking out yet, I'm enjoying it. And I'm kind of looking forward to spending my favorite season with the Twin (and puppy too of course).


  1. I'm glad to hear that things are going well and that he is able to appreciate every aspect of you. Sounds like a good guy.

  2. I'm totally looking forward to cute boot season. I didn't even realize I made that subconscious switch until you said that but I totally do.

  3. Comment seemingly eaten.

    All I said was that I'm happy for you and the guy, and I'm all about cute boot season because I like looking at boots...

    (and legs)

  4. Good news it sounds. Love the puppy picture. It sounds like he's a decent guy regardless of whether it works out in the long run. That's always nice to know that they are still out there.


    And I'm sooooo jealous that both of you can work from lunch together, take extended "breaks" in the afternoon, vent to each other....sounds like a win all around!

  6. Sounds promising. Hopefully it's a good mesh and not "too good to be true." Knock on wood, of course.

    Any guy who recognizes your efforts and appreciates the little things gets major bonus points.

    Not that we play by points, mind you...

  7. good for you!
    hope it remains a good deal.

    roll with it. and hold on loosely...

  8. Sounds like an amazing start to a very romantic season. I am glad that things are progressing well for you. :) You deserve it, my dear.

  9. yay for fall boots, yay for good men!

  10. Girl At The Rock ShowSeptember 27, 2011 at 9:31 PM

    Relationships bring on a whole different set of Shananigans and expliots!! It is fantastic. I am smiling ear to ear for you.

  11. OMG THE PUPPY!!! SO FUCKING CUTE!! I would be ignoring Twin and just playing with the pup!

    If anyone tells you that you are being boring because you're happy then tell them to sod off. And then give me their email and *I'LL* tell them to sod off. I'm so happy for your happiness, my darling!

  12. Good for you! He sounds much (with major emphasis here!) better then "secret agent man" :)

    And the puppy IS adorable!

  13. Happy is happy, not boring. Enjoy!!

  14. This is awesome news! The fact that you don't want to share bedroom shenanigans is probably a sign that this is a good, solid relationship, but you already knew that.

    I have read a variety of your writing. I know there is so much more you have to offer. So, be free to write and we will follow!

    Enjoy the experience.

    PS: I know you meant to mention baseball in this post. You know we are going into post season. Our friendship means a lot to me and I would hate to see it strained by an omission. I know it was just an error on your part. Don't want to affect our relationship by implying football is more important than baseball. :)

  15. @George: yes, he seems to get the big picture, it's a nice change!

    @Haven: I have bought an obscene amount of cute new boots already... I think I have a problem

    @Josh: Thanks! And look all you like, that's why we wear them!

    @Barb: yep, he seems to be one of the good ones, but it's early!

    @Brandi: YEAH indeed!

    @Nikki: the flexible work situ is nice, but he is a little....distracting... in a good way!

    @Lost: of course we play by points. I have already clued him in to my complex system of credits and debits, he is slightly above even at the moment

    @Bruce: nice to see you around here at RG again!

    @Jewels: yes, this is making my favorite season that much more my favorite

    @Alyssa: Double Yeah from me!

    @Girl: I agree, the level of shenanigans we are busting out already rival my naughtiest of boy toys, that's a very good sign

    @Kat: Puppy does get a large amount of love from me, and the princess loves being in charge of him, Twin gets some love too but probably not as much as puppy!

    @Kate: Secret Agent Man who???

    @gotjack: well said friend, well said!

    @Naked Girl: Thanks friend! And yes, you know if I'm not sharing details, it must be something special huh? As for baseball... I will pretend it was omitted in error but you and I both know that once football season starts, there is no reason for baseball to linger... you have had your 200 games, let us have our 12 mmmmmmmkkay??

  16. @Random Girl: That makes me laugh because I always am cranky at the other sports getting in the way of baseball! Hockey continues far too long and I get annoyed at the football hype at a critical time in baseball season. :) Yes, baseball is essentially a year-round sport (if you include spring training) and I love it that way. I can see your point since I have the same viewpoint about baseball. And I love you too much to let baseball get in the way. :)

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