Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Soft-Core Friday" - Nothing Wrong With a Little Girl Crush'ing

Another Friday is upon us, which also means it's time for another "Soft-Core Friday" here at Random Girl. This week I'm talking about girl crushes.

Make no mistake, I am hetero beyond any doubt. I think men are sexy and they are the only gender that up to this point in my life, have done it for me. I don't see that changing any time soon. But I will be the first to admit that I can appreciate a sexy girl.

I find myself girl crushing frequently. There is a bartender at a little local place that I go that by normal standards she is pretty but not beautiful, but I crush on her and she knows it. She is a little shorter than me, brunette, and wears these cute little black rimmed glasses that give her that slutty librarian touch. We joke about it when I see her. It's harmless yet fun and gives me something to think about that normally doesn't cross my mind.

And then there are the random, spontaneous girl crushes. Like this girl. She was a dancer at a club in Vegas and I was wowed by her. She was yet another brunette, with a very pretty face and an amazing ass, oh yeah, she was very sweet and could move like nobody's business. So sexy... yet I have no desire to actually do anything besides look at her. Maybe that's normal, maybe it's not. I'm not concerned about it either way.

I also girl crush on smart girls, girls with a great sense of humor or perspective on the world, and girls that write their asses off, like my sweet Kat  (with the world famous spectacular rack that I am convinced is responsible for getting her BON'd by Blogger this week) and the amazing Alyssa (who rocks a bikini better than anybody ever should and has beautiful ink to go with it). These girls have all of those things going for them and I have proclaimed my girl crushes on them numerous times over the interwebz. Big Randy kisses to you ladies! *MWAH*

So there you have it, I girl crush. Big deal. It's good clean fun and it keeps my imagination sparked. I can't be the only one... ladies?? Help me out here! Do you girl crush? Do you have a girl "type" that does it for you hypothetically? Put it out there!


  1. Oh, I girl-crush on Jennifer Garner HARD!!!

  2. I am also hetero but I tend to dig brunettes and somebody who looks more natural, has some curves and is unique. I don't have any real life chick crushes but I have some celeb ones.

  3. i am *so* honored !!! xoxoxox

    i'm totally with you here. i'm all about the guys, but i'm definitely able to appreciate the hotness of that certain smokin' girl. when i end up at the go-go bar with the boys, i'm watching the dancers more intently than they are. i get sidetracked by certain actresses/models and zone out. i get it. we ladies are hot, hot, hot and i think we should all be able to enjoy the view ;)

  4. I like scarlett johansen and elizabeth banks

  5. I have girl crushes on ocassion. I'm totally hetero as well, but every once in a while I see a woman that just makes me stare at her. Oh and currently, I'm crushing on you, cause you got it like that! ;)

  6. I totally girl crush. And I will alert you if I ever post a pic of me in my dark-rimmed glasses. Is your bartender up for some competition? :)

    I kid.

  7. I think it's normal to girl crush. I have girl crushes on celebrities, and I've had some on women I've met over the years. I tend to think brunettes or Red Heads are more attractive than anyone else. It's probably why i dye my naturally blonde hair darker... :)

  8. I have girl crushes to a fault. I'm just sayin'.

  9. Word up on ib's comment.

    So, you haven't even had an innocent make-out session with a girl?

  10. I have a crush on the entire country of South Korea.
    It's cool though, I'm sure they're just playing coy.

  11. Nothing wrong with a good girl crush. I have plenty of girls I crush on.

  12. Lisa,

    there is NOTHING wrong with a healthy girl crush! They are a great source of inspiration and they help the world be a sexier more stylish place to be. Rock on!


  13. Girl crushes!! Finally, someone who blogged about it <3 I have had girl crush on my best friend, she is super sexy!

    I think, girl crushes are fun!

    *first time on your blog, loved it* <3

  14. As hetero as I am, I think that the female form is just more overall attractive than the male form, so I do appreciate it muchly.

    Then there are the chicks who I crush on because they are so fucking brilliant and awesome. And then there are the chicks, like my darling RandyGirl, who I crush on because of their fucking brilliance, and then find out later that they are smokin' hot in proportion to their brilliance, and crush on them the most.~ I'm honoured to be on your list, love. *mwah!*

  15. Woah - SNAP! I get girl-crushes too!


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