Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm a shameless bragger today, because someone digs me!

Today I'm checking another day of shamelessness off my list, #18 to be exact: I'm going to be a bragger.

Somebody digs my blog. But not just anybody, it's the amazing and talented Alyssa from Alyssagoesbang. And she is awesome! She was one of my girl crushes remember??

Alyssa was sweet enough to show me some blog lovin'. She digs my blog. See? There is even this handy dandy award to prove it!

Now as with any good blog award, there are rules. I am going to do something unexpected and actually follow almost all of them this time. But don't get used to it, you know how much I hate rules.
1. gratefully accept this award
2. link the wonderful person you received it from
3. post 3 interesting facts about yourself
4. pass this award around to at least 5 blogs you dig
5. notify them

1 and 2 are covered with my lovefest for my darling Alyssa above.

As for 3, you already pretty much know everything about me but here are 3 more things that make me random
1) I used to DJ in a huge nightclub. Back in the day, using real deal vinyl, and manually mixing, no computer cheating for me! 
2) I have two tattoos but you would never know unless I purposely showed them to you, which I won't so don't ask
3) I got kicked out of my Senior English class because I called my teacher out for gossiping about me. She did. And she admitted later when she cried in front of the principal. I got put back in class and I got an A. I win. 

Now for the fun part! I get to share my blog lovin' with 5 other super cool people! 
1) the recently BON'd Kat from Kat O' Nine Tales
2) the amazing Stefan from Kreative Anythingz 
3) the kick ass Lady Estrogen from Adventures In Estrogen
4) the hilarious Brandon for Adventures in Idaho 
5) the every classy Johnnie from GentlemanREDUX

Ok I'm off to cover #5 now. Go check out the blogs I'm loving on and tell them I sent you! *Mwah*! 


  1. I'm going to ask to see your tats, but then I'm special.~ ;)

    Thank you so much, my darling RandyGirl! My ego gobbled it up and has a happy belly now to thanks to you! Have a brilliant day, love.~ *MWAH!*

  2. Congrats on being dug, and thanks for sharing the love. You blog, as always, is amazing. To be recognized by you means a lot.

    So much so, that if *I* had tattoos, I'd like you enough to share. I'm just sayin... =P

    Oh, and Lady E's on top of me. I got a kick out of that....

  3. Congrats! And well deserved, because I Dig your blog, too.

  4. It's because Brandon WISHES he was on top of me on a regular basis. LOL

    Thanks, hun. Always nice to get shout outs :)

    I have 2 tattoos in the same places, maybe. I put them there so they wouldn't be seen when being all professional-like. (It's just an illusion, trust me)

  5. Your blog is so wonderful I'm planning on proposing to it, I hope it accepts!

  6. Your blog is the dopeness lady & I'm touched I made your list :-D

  7. Ha ha... I thought you were going to say the Twin is diggin you.

    Congrats on the blogger love, and the successful DIB. You rock!


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